Tuesday, 8 January 2013

A lunch date and lots of beans

Today's blog will mostly be brought to you by baked beans....

It has been another busy day at work and I do feel a bit like the paperwork is consuming me right now but I have a plan of action for tomorrow which I hope will help! Luckily being busy stops me snacking on bad things which is always a bonus.

Breakfast was the usual fare of 40g of dorset fruit with blueberries and muller

I did get quick peckish today due to further running up and down the stairs to the printer before I decided to change to a different one so I munched on my grapes and coffee. Okay I didn't munch on my coffee I drunk it but you get the idea.

Lunch involved a lunch date with my lovely friend Jen who is also on the SW mission so we were both good girls. I went for jacket potato beans and cheese with a diet coke and it was yummy. Good food and good chats with a lovely lady and plans being made. I am looking forward to some nights out with Jen soon and us modelling our teeny tiny clothes.

The afternoon flew by in the midst of more panic over the amount I need to do in the shortest possible time but I will get through it...in time.

Once I got home it was the usual walking Doug then I went and had a bubble bath with my book and a bit of heavy metal to wind down too haha. Dinner involved more beans as I wanted to do like a campfire pie thing. It contained mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, baked beans and linda mccartney sausages red onion and rosemary sausages. We have enough left over for me to have for lunch tomorrow which is always good.

Now just a warning on this picture it comes with a Doug and he looks like he wants my dinner...

I am now going to read through some cookbooks and get some ideas for new meals as I am a bit low on inspiration at the moment. 


  1. I don't envy Rich tonight ;) Keep the Doug pics coming! I saw some Pug tea/sugar/coffee canisters today and thought of you x

  2. where xx I may need to buy them! haha i dont envy him either but he put a ring on it so has to live with it ;)