Monday, 7 January 2013

Comfortably on the wagon

Ergh I do not like Monday's I never sleep well the night before but this morning wasn't so bad. For some reason Rich was up far too early. This is unusual in our house because he suffers bad bed glue and also he is on leave at the moment so had no reason to get up! The bonus was he kindly made me a coffee to take to work with me which went down very well.

Breakfast was a slow affair this morning as I was going through files with my supervisor so I ate between that.

My lovely coffee made by Rich and my usual dorset fruit muesli, muller light and blueberries. My favourite breakfast as you will probably realise by now and it kept me going till lunch.

Today was a technology fail at work! The stupid printer decided to break down again and the other one has been broken for months so lots of body magic walking up and down the stairs all day!

Lunch came around quickly today which was a good sign as meant the day was flying by so it was time for some lunch and reading time. I am in a book club (I'm a book nerd) and I wanted to get on with reading the choices as I was really enjoying it.

Lunch was leek and potato soup (homemade) with grapes, an apple and a new flavour of ryvita minis...these may help with my crisp issue as they are very tasty and last me ages and are a healthy extra!

The afternoon was taken up with admin type stuff as I wanted to get it out of the way so I could go in tomorrow with a fresh desk. My workload is quite intense at the moment so it means once I got these tasks done I could focus on important things.

I headed home and took the douglet out for a walk but had to deal with stupid children who think its funny to say nasty things but unlike a few months back where I would have been upset this time I just laughed because really they are silly.

I had to go to the doctors so dinner was a combo effort between me and Rich and it was gorgeous. As we were having lasagne before I left I made the bolagnaise by chucking in mushrooms onions courgettes garlic chopped tomatoes and passata a stock pot and quorn mince. Rich then worked on the layered. The white sauce was made from quark and blitzed up cottage cheese.

Deliciously and syn free too using my healthy extra for cheese on my side of the dish. As I had a few more syns than planned yesterday I decided to have a lower syn pudding made from a rocky road hifi bar, marshmallow flumps and yoghurt. 6 syns for the whole thing and very filling.

So that's another day done and another day on plan. I am feeling very pleased with myself right now and just hoping the scales are good to me. I really want that Christmas gain gone...

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