Thursday, 17 January 2013

Treat night and loserville

No update from me yesterday, normal by the time I got home from group and had dinner it was pretty late for me.

First things first weigh in last night was another success! I lost 2.5lbs so I got into the next stone bracket and I also won slimmer of the week with another lovely lady. I didn't get any goodies as we left before the end of group (i was being a nice fiance). That means in the last three weeks I have lost 11.5lbs which I am really chuffed about. Even more so I have lost three weeks on the trot which is a first I always yoyo'd before but something has clicked recently and I want to keep losing.

Food wise well I started the day with the normal

Meet duck and monkey....I do have some random things on my desk!!

You probably won't be surprised to hear work was busy (it was again today no surprises there) and I needed some additional fuel with a banana and coffee.

This did keep me going until lunch time when I played the soup roulette game....common for those who freeze soups without labelling them!

The soup turned out to be cauliflower cheese and this portion was 1.5 syns. I had some yummy babybels too so it was quite a cheesy lunch and did make me crave a brie and grape sandwich which I may have to look into....

Once I got home from work it was time for me and Doug to go out for our walk.

Only a short one but it was still fun and we explored a bit more!
Now last night was treat night and I had something junky 

Garlic bread, curly fries and garlic and herb quorn goujons (1.5 syns each and gorgeous). Now I'm an advocate for treat night, it has always kept me on track but last night after eating this and the banofee cheesecake I felt like utter crap. Today my stomach has not been happy and I now wonder why I do this...this type of food got me into this state and whilst it hasn't effected my losses I think its something I need to stop. Maybe instead of having a blow out I can have something else but within the syns. It's certainly something I will be starting on the night of the next weigh in.

On to today I decided I want to go for my silver body magic award so I am keeping track on my app and going to read through the booklet on it this weekend to make sure I am doing it right. 

So this was my march to work I have managed to knock 8 minutes of it somehow maybe because I was properly marching.

Breakfast was the normal when I got into work

I will be mixing it up tomorrow and on the weekend but for today it was the good old dorset fruit muesli.

I got the munchies mid morning but forgot about taking the picture at first so please excuse the odd angle

I had a lunch date with my lovely friend Jen today and we headed to the pub

Good old diet coke with jacket potato beans and cheese...unfortunately i forgot the key no butter part so it was a more synful meal than it should have been. To compensate I've not had any further syns. It was blooming lush though and it was good to hang out with my lovely jen x

When I got back to my desk I needed a sweet snack so grabbed my grapes whilst I was trying to work out how to create more time in the day

Four o clock came too quickly though and I headed home to Doug. My walk back to the car despite it being the same route was apparently further...maybe it was because I behaved and crossed at traffic lights on the way home

I'm doing well on this walking malarky today as this was my walk with Doug

Not a long one but it was still fun Doug met some people who wanted to say hello to him so he was happy.

I was a bit of a kitchen goddess this evening by making two lots of soup for me and rich plus prepping dinner. Tonights meal was meatizza 

It's really simple but gorgeous, you mix garlic granules parsley eggs and mince (I used quorn mince) together, you pack it into a dish and then add some chopped tomatoes mixed with tomato puree on top then whatever other toppings you want. I added peppers and mushrooms then my healthy extra of mozzarella. It's a really tasty alternative to pizza and very filling

Unfortunately mine didn't come out of the pan as well as Rich's (who had minced beef) but it was still gorgeous.

So thats it from me tonight except to leave you with this

I wonder if this is going to happen somehow I doubt it. It will be pretty if it does snow and I can always sled to work haha

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  1. Well done for losing for 3 weeks on the spin hun! Keep that loser head on (in the nicest way of course!) xx