Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It was the night before weigh in...

I don't know why this happens and I don't think I am alone in this but the day/night before weigh in is the worst. You sit there convinced that no matter how good you have been you have gained. It's hard to rationalise with yourself but thankfully I've had people to tell me I am thinking nonsense. It is too late to change what the scales will be saying tomorrow and hopefully I will be happy.

I read an amazing blog today http://www.weightlossbitch.com/2013/01/slimming-world-bits-i-don-admit-too.html?m=1 I have only recently discovered WLB thanks to Mitchy but she blogs are frank and honest. It takes a lot of courage to blog in this manner and I admire her for it. It got me thinking how I got here. I certainly didn't become morbidly obese  by eating fruit and veg. If we are honest we all know we got here through the food choices we made. Illness and mobility have a huge impact on weight as well but the choice of food I think is key. You may or may not agree.

The benefits of losing weight are so extensive imagine being able to go into a regular shop during sale season and actually find clothes that fit. I know friends who have had success recently with new clothes and the way they feel about these non scale victories spur them on. The determination of a human being to succeed is astounding. We are watching a year to save your life and the people amaze me they make amazing changes as do you all reading this blog.

Right sappyness over today was another typical busy day at work. The usual start to the day

Honestly under that fruit is some Dorset fruit muesli. It took me  while to get through as I was multitasking and eating this whilst reading through a client's report.

Lunch was a good superfree packed meal and I didn't eat all of the stuff in this picture...

I actually didn't eat the apple or banana infact they remain on my desk doh! The soup is the mitchy broccoli soup which was gorgeous. I was quite stuffed after this picture and had also ran out of a milk (a sign of a bad morning maybe or just an abnormal amount of morning coffee).

Once work was done I came home to the lovely insano aka sirdougle or doug to those regular readers. We came to the decision to go on a nice longish walk again despite the arctic conditions outside. Not as impressive as yesterday only 2.2 miles but it was fun

I quite like using this app as I have no sense of distance so it is nice to see how far I have walked.

Dinner was kept simple tonight with a pasta bake though I unconsciously munched through half of my grated cheese I had carefully weighed out so didn't get as much cheese on my side as I wanted but it was still good

The sauce was made with passata garlic onions and mushrooms plus I added some quorn chicken pieces to bulk it out a bit.

Syn wise I had 7 today the soup was 1.5 and then I had 10 mikado and a strawberry greek muller.

Thats me done for the evening Im heading to bed soon for a bit of The IT Crowd and my book.


  1. Ooooh whats the app, I was just trying to work out how far I had gone the other day?! I am going to start a mikados anonymous group for you and Mitchy lol The pasta looks awesome and good luck for WI as I know how you feel x

  2. The app is called endomodo its so handy xx hehe mikados rule though