Saturday, 5 January 2013

By the power of Scribblenauts

This is the reason that my normal weekend danger areas haven't happened a cute little game called Scribblenauts. Rich told me about it and gifted me the game on my phone so I have spent most of the day playing it instead of snacking on stuff that's bad for me. Infact I nearly forgot lunch today because of it. I have also had an awesome day watch CITV old skool stuff it was the laziest but funnest day.

We didn't get up overly late today so I got a decent amount of sleep and I was hungry so I decided to try my new baked beans (garlic and herb flavour) with linda mccartney sausages and a big mushroom

A Doug also appears in this picture he was desperate to have my breakfast despite eating his own. Of course I had coffee too but this is off picture.

Lunch as I said was late today but it was gorgeous. I had picked up some falafels when I went yellow ticket/woopsie shopping so had two of these with ryvitas dairylea beetroot grapes carrot and plum tomatoes. The falafels were 2 syns each and they were nice but I will find my syn free recipe out soon as I forgot how much I liked them

The postie brought me awesome stuff today which also made a very happy Karen

my new gorgeous handmade charm bracelet. I refused to get out of my pj's today yet insisted on wearing it.

Dinner was a simple but gorgeous affair today meatball bake. I made the sauce from passatta garlic onions and mushrooms and cut up some meatballs. I added it to the pasta then with cheese

Mines on the left side with less cheese

Nice and filling and plenty of superfree and syn free. Definitely going to make this again as it was so simple and quick.

As I'd only used 4 syns so far I decided to have 2.5 more with a crushed meringue in my pudding, it was an odd looking pudding but gorgeous. I added two alpen lights crushed up with blueberries and a muller light

It is nice and sweet and filling and feels naughty with it. Only 6.5 syns used today but it does mean I am protected for tomorrow if I go over.

I am feeling so positive at the moment and feeling good sticking to the plan I'm on day 3 of being an angel and hope that it continues. I am really look forward to group wednesday as our group seems realy focused this week so we are looking at a great weigh in!!

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