Sunday, 27 January 2013

Lazy sunday

Okay so I didn't do much yesterday and today was almost as lazy but I did finish my book. It was productive at least even if I didn't move from the sofa much. This is what Sundays are for though and I did manage to catch up with some classic episodes of Friends and do some cooking. It's nasty weather outside too so it was the perfect rainy Sunday activities.

Doug woke me up early again today and whilst Rich did the toilet duty Doug decided it was important that I get up and play with him and his toys. Once Doug settled it was time for breakfast....this will the same as yesterday mainly because it was. 

I will definitely be stocking up on the sub rolls when we go to Aldi on Friday. This was washed down with my normal coffee in my awesome wonder woman mug (thanks terri xx)

I was semi productive after this and went to the shop to get some fruit and cauliflower as I wanted to make cauliflower pizza. When I got back from the shops I set to work on making some soup for me and Rich for the week. The Mitchy broccoli soup has gone down a storm in this house though I had a few technical difficulties with the soup maker mainly because I kept overfilling it but with the soup eventually made and Rich up I started prepping my lunch.....this led to another small technical issue. Now don't judge me here sometimes I can be a bit dim despite being an intelligent person but I was trying to clear the blade on the blender of the cauliflower i'd wizzed up and leant on the on switch....I got my wooden spoon trapped in it and kinda blended that too! Rich declared that one day he would have to take me to hospital as I would have severed my hands. This had me looking oddly at him as I was trying to work out why having seven arms would be a bad thing, oh the comedy of me mishearing him though seven arms may be handy. Needless to say I now need a new wooden spoon :( honestly sometimes I can be very clumsy.

Wooden spoon aside the cauliflower pizza turned out well though I do think i prefer it with broccoli maybe thats me being odd as I liked the idea of green pizza

I topped it with peppers, mushrooms and some quorn family roast. I love the family roast and will be stocking up soon.

The afternoon was spent tweeting and reading my book which I have now finished whilst endless Friends episodes played. Even now that show is still hilarious. I did get the munchies midway through the afternoon and decided to make some sw chips but I decided to be good and add some superfree so I actually had sw potato and carrot chips

They were tasty and worked really well so another thing to add to the menu. I think today was a hungry day as it was only a few hours before I wanted food again so I got working on dinner.

I cooked some quorn garlic, chilli and lime fillets and sliced them up. Underneath is mushroom rice (3 syns) and of course a lot of superfree too. The quorn fillets are really tasty and I like the mushroom rice. Its handy when Im feeling lazy.

Earlier in the day I'd made a half syn roulade (except I didn't bother with the baking powder and added cinnemon and chocolate sprinkles instead so it became a 2 syn roulade). I also didn't have any quark so instead used natural yogurt. I filled it with blaumange and it worked okay but wasn't perfect. 

It didn't satisfy my sweet tooth so I followed it up with some mikado
I had 15 syns today which is higher than normal for me but I tend to have less on weekdays so it all evens out.

Back to work tomorrow, I hope that tomorrow I am feeling more focused and less poopy. I am ending the evening with the beautiful Studio Ghibli film Ponyo

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