Thursday, 10 January 2013

Social butterfly and impending doom aka the lurgy

I am hoping that this is due a product of being back at work for a full week for the first time in ages but I am feeling a tad under the weather. Nothing serious but I do have a slightly raised temperature and tight chest...I can see this become a nice weekend bug soon! 

Tonight hasn't quite gone too plan as I have mostly sat on my butt but I have planned (and then tweaked a lot my weeks meals as I am being indecisive this week but I think it is set now...going to take inspiration from Mitchy's meal last night and have a butternut squash during the weekend.

My plan is once I have done this blog to go and do my nails then bed to sleep of the lurgy but I keep getting distracted by True Blood at the moment. 

Breakfast was the usual today wonder if I will ever get bored of dorset fruit muesli. I decided to make this picture a bit more interesting for you by adding a meercat.

Now as you can tell from the title I was a social girl today and went out for lunch with two friends. It was a nice little coffee shop/cafe and they did jacket potatoes so I was safe on my choices.

I asked for not a huge amount of cheese and luckily there wasn't so I went for 1 1/2 healthy extras...the rest being used for dinner.

So onto dinner I wanted to do chilli wraps and roasted vegs but I had forgotten how spicy asda veg chilli but it was still good. I used a ww wrap ans filled it with the chilli then roasted off some veg and topped the wrap in some cheese

I cannot take credit for this awesome idea as my lovely friend Miki came up with it first but its really tasty. The only downside was I forgot my mushrooms :( I'd even prepped them ready to go in.

I wanted to be sensible syn wise today as the wrap was 5.5 so for pudding I had some grapes yoghurt and a hifi bar taking my total to 8.5 for the day.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday its been quite a hard week being back to my full hours and I'm pretty wiped plus the pile on my desk seems to be growing...I should check its not got some weird growth going on there.

That's it from me tonight I need to go and load the dishwasher as Rich is currently battling jungle creatures on Dromuncaas and I want to paint my nails pretty 


  1. Meerkat=genius!

    Hope it's just tiredness and not a bug my lovely, oh and I was inspired today, had muesli for brekkie too today :)

  2. hehe I will have to find a different delight tomorrow though my muesli will be slightly different tomorrow as ran out of blueberries and seeing as they have been a dissapointment recently I have opted for a new frozen fruit ;)muesli for brekkie is good I hope you are back to your mitchy gloriness x