Friday, 25 January 2013


I must admit I am more relieved that normal that its Friday. It's been a tough few days at work and my mood has crashed a bit more. Thankfully emails from Mitchy kept me entertained and smiling and Rich was just his usual awesome self big thanks to those two today x

It's now the weekend so my plan for the next two days is to relax with my lovely boys and try and cheer up....this will be much helped by the fact me and Rich have just had an extra level added to scribblenauts major squee!!!!

Food wise despite my best intentions to shove 12 krispy kreme's down my throat I didn't nor did I devour the chocolate cupcake that had been tempting me. Infact I donated it to Rich's stomach instead.

Breakfast was different today...and before you all pass out from the shock it was due to limited fruit supplies and a desire to have something that tasted cakey without being an actual cake.

Carrot cake porridge with my usual mug of coffee and a big bottle of squash. I had a proper thirst on today and got through two of these before the end of the day then had another litre of water when I got home!

Lunch was a bit samey in the sense that I had broccoli soup again but seriously it is so gorgeous! I am making up another batch over the weekend I think

I had three babybels and some fruit and yogurt too. It filled me up nicely whilst I was reading my book.

After work me and Rich poddled up to aldi with our limited budget this week (I swear I do earn money it just vanishes I blame the pixies) and brought a few bits to top up. On the way home we discussed the merits of cheese based dinner or tomato and cheese based dinner. Rich decided to try cheese based with some sausages that had been sitting in the freezer waiting for me to have the guts to use. It was the tesco meat free lincolnshire sausages and he said they were tasty so Ill be trying them over the weekend! Now I was a bit lame and was so busy shoving my dinner down my mouth that no picture was taken so instead I did you all a little collage of what went into my meal.

It tasted pretty good and was followed by a hot chocolate and some mikado (originally 10 but rich wanted one so I had 9...dont like odd numbers of mikado but was glued to my seat grr)

There is a bit of a lack of Doug in my pictures so here is Doug as a baby


  1. I make have to sneak across the country and steal me a Doug!

    You kept me just as sane with your emails too xxx

  2. Aww baby Doug is adorable!!

  3. Mitchy I've already described you to doug so he is on the watch out for you stealing him ;)

    thanks slimmingmum xx he is my baby

  4. May I ask what you put in your soup please? I have some brocolli that I have no idea what to do with! Thank you and I love reading your blog it helps keep me sane :-)

  5. Hi Karen, I know this was a while ago, but please could you remind me of the recipe of the broccoli soup? Looks delicious. :)

  6. hey B its frozen onion, frozen spinach, frozen broc a bit of stick and 4 laughing cow blue cheese I just lob it into my soup maker and see what happens