Thursday, 24 January 2013

The good the bad and the darn right musical

So no blog yesterday we went out last night and then I was consumed with the football when I got back. The good news is that I went to an earlier group and weighed in. Another 2lbs gone never to be seen again! I have now made it 4 weeks on the trot without a gain which for me is a massive achievement as before Christmas I was a complete yoyo.

Breakfast yesterday was the norm

During the morning we had an email asking us all to a meeting at 2.30 it was ominous so we spent time considering what it could mean and thinking the worst. I kinda got distracted during lunch and only remembered my pictures halfway through

I had three babybel light grapes, an apple and a bowl of brocolli and blue cheese laughing cow cheese. 

Unfortunately the meeting brought the bad news we had guessed, about 75% of the section I work in will be made redundant. It's going to be a stressful time coming up so everyone keep your fingers crossed. 

I was fine yesterday and feeling all positive once I got back from group it was time for a quick dinner before we went out

Under the mound of cheese was some quorn chilli and some curly fries and a bit of a chocolatey treat afterwards

Last night we went to see the amazing Les Miserables

It was amazing, I will admit to having tears streaming down my face. It was a beautiful powerful movie and I'd recommend it.

So unfortunately today my mood dropped quite significantly and I spent most of the day fighting the urge to eat junk food but I stayed on plan with some propping up from rich, my lovely friend jen and mitchy x

Breakfast is the norm with the exception of having grapes instead of mixed berries.

Lunch was the rest of last nights quorn chilli with extra mushrooms along with some ryvita minis and an apple

Now as I wanted takeaway but also needed to stay on plan we went to asda after work where I brought the stuff to make cheeseburgers
Instead of bread I used large mushrooms for the burger bun and then layered up the laughing cow cheese slices with quorn beef and red onion style burgers. It's a huge portion of sw chips and a whole onion chopped up to get the sf in and it helped the takeaway urges a lot.

I followed it up with a sweet treat of some mikado

I am surprised I stuck on plan but I am pleased I did as I would have been really upset next week. I have to hope this mood doesn't keep dragging me down as I don't want it too so I am going to have a nice early night tonight with my book and dream of unicorn bouquets (seriously hague if you read this you need them in your life you just dont know it).

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