Thursday, 3 January 2013

The fresh start and non scale victories

Okay so I didn't keep up with the regular blogging and I missed out yesterday but I got back late from group and food was on my mind rather than anything else. The good news is the scales were very happy with me last night and I lost 4lbs. I was so happy with this as felt I lost the plot a bit on new years eve. 

We had a new members talk to the whole group to refocus our minds and I came out of group feeling very positive and determined to stick to plan and not sabotage myself here goes first day of the new focused me and I hope it lasts.

As I am back at work I am bit more of a routine with food and breakfast was a favourite 40g of Dorset fruit muesli with blueberries and a muller light. Of course I had to have this with coffee and got my litre bottle of water ready too

You will notice the little hello kitty notepad, I want to keep track of my food a bit more so I am writing it down. 

I had a busy morning and I am still feeling like a rabbit in the headlights at the moment. Unfortunately our printer had broken down so I spent most of the day going up and down flights of stairs to get my work. It's good exercise though but I'm pleased that the engineer was working on fixing it when I left as its a pain.

My plan for lunch was simple I wanted to eat my food and read my book though I did get distracted by chatting to a friend but it pretty much ran to plan.

Lunch was a bowl of carrot soup which is gorgeous and I will be making again. It's really simple its just carrots, onions, stock and tomato puree. I wanted a different healthy extra today and as crisps are a major downfall for me I decided to try the Ryvita Minis which were really yum. They have the crunchiness of crisps but I can't eat excessive amounts. 

More stress this afternoon but 4 oclock came round quick enough and I on my way home I had a non scale victory. You know how annoying it is when you park in a carpark and someone parks so close to your car you can't get back in it. A year ago I would have thrown a strop and struggled to get in but this time once I swore a bit I jumped over the passenger seat and it was easy. It did feel good to be able to do that.

I got home to be greeted by the lovely Doug who had been sitting on the stairs waiting for me to come in....probably because he wanted a walk so of we went for a trot around the block.

I had planned dinner tonight and decided instead of using 75g of philli for the sauce I'd use an extra 25g for 2 syns. Dinner was pork strognoff for Rich and a vegetable version for me. It was gorgeous and very filling.

I put mushrooms, courgettes and green beans in it and 100g of the garlic and herb philli. This is one of my favourite meals and whilst cooking this I multitasked and made my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow (once I'd got over the empty dorset cereal box :().

I rounded of my syns to 8 today by having a milk hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is the galaxy bubbles one and I went for two tsps for 4 syns plus 100ml of milk. 

Good day on plan and I am prepped for tomorrow which is Friday yay. Hope you have all had a good day.


  1. This is a great blog today Karen! And yay for the non scale win!! Well done :) xxx