Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone I hope whatever you did last night was good fun!

I thought I'd start the New Year as I mean to go on by blogging even when I feel blah. For some reason despite the limited alcohol (3 glasses of wine) I feel a bit flunky today so cooking is of the agenda today and a chinese has been ordered (may go over my syns a bit now). Nevertheless my home scales are showing a loss for tomorrow so I will be happy with that. I am also back to work tomorrow which I find easier as don't have time to snack or get obsessed about bad food. It's amazing how hard it is to battle the demon when he/she wants junk food. I don't think its a battle I will ever win fully but I aim to get a handle on it this year. 

So new year fresh start, I faffed so much with the plan in my first year so I have decided to use my new book to log my weigh in's and getting back into the exercise routine which again will be easier as I have a 20 minute walk twice a day to and from the car and work and then walk Doug when I get home. I also think I need a bit of a batch cook session soon so when the deadly lazyitus strikes we have stuff that involves no thought.

So onto the food for the past two days, I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast yesterday morning and I remembered once I had eaten everything and you don't want to see an empty plate! I had a linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausage with my little pony spaghetti shapes and mushrooms....a lot of mushrooms!

I was doing extra easy yesterday and this may have been why I snacked on rubbish as the day wore on as I didn't have my double healthy extras to assist. For lunch I had leek and potato soup with two slices of nimble followed by fruit and yoghurt.

This did not seem to satisfy me and it wasn't long before this fell into my mouth

It's actually only a tiny child's pizza and it was gorgeous but hardly SW friendly.

Me and Rich had planned to have a nice dinner of steak and chips whilst watching comedy DVD's we watched the glorious Michael McIntyre and Sarah Millican which was good entertainment.

Incase some of you are confused by the meat on my plate I'm not a vegetarian I just rarely eat meat. I was good and took all the fat off the steak and it was tasty. Sticking to the EE rules I had a lot of onions and mushrooms which we did in garlic oil so a few syns but this meal but at this point that was okay.

The next pictures will show you where it started to change.....

Not too bad I guess but hardly ideal and whilst the wine was nice I am thinking it is dangerous as it brought on serious munchies. I am wondering if it was an impossible task to stay 100% on plan yesterday especially when your DVD screen shows you this

Mmmm cake!

Onto today, we woke up at 10 but other then letting Doug out we were being lazy and I stayed wrapped up watching the rest of the smallville season finale before I decided to get up and be productive. I cleaned up the kitchen and dyed my hair before I even thought about food. I started with a coffee until I decided whether I was hungry.

I love my coffee cup! I decided after my EE day yesterday I was going to take advantage of my extra healthy extras and have cheesy pasta

Lots of extra veggies in it too and I followed this up with a nice bowl of fruit and yoghurt.

Since this I have been fighting the crisp monster and did win the battle though it wasn't pleasant.

So with 2012 done and dusted and a desire to actually succeed on slimming world I need to refocus my head and make sure I don't let little slips escalate. This has just been posted up on facebook and is very appropriate

I'd love to get to target this year but for now I want the christmas podge gone and will be taking it half a stone at a time.


  1. well done on drawing a line under 2012, Im with ya on focusing on half a stone at a time.

  2. Im with you in drawing that line Karen :)

    I do EE every day, and i must say i do find it extra easy. I eat what i want when i want. For example, rather than have a freddo and a mini mars, you'd actually be better off having a full on English brekkie as it can all be free on EE (provided you cut off the fat from the bacon, no butter etc).

    Also, you can make your own crisps! Simply use a potato peeler to get extra thin potato slices (or use carrots or other veg if you like veggie crips), spray with fry light and roast on low for a good 20-25 minutes or until crisp and golden - that way you can have as much as you like and can be free on EE. simply flavour with some dry herbs, salt or even use the BBQ fry light!

    This is a new year, and now you have drawn a line under 2012 can be the start of a new you! See you later, Katie xXx

  3. Thanks for your comments girls xx

    Katie I must admit I prefer green because I like the extra healthy extra's and find I use syns within meals more than on chocolate I do want to use my syns on other things though other than the things that made me rounder but first of weigh in tonight and hopefully the losses will show xx see you later hun xx

    1. You can do it Karen!! :) see you later xx

  4. Good luck with your weigh in and well done on moving forward with a renewed energy :D I have a coffee cup like yours and swear by it!