Sunday, 6 January 2013

It's Sunday!

So it's Sunday night again and this weekend went way too fast. This week will be my first full week in a long while so it's going to be tough going! I think once my blog is done an early night will be in order so I'm firing on all cylinders tomorrow.

Today has been a good/frustrating/good again day...I woke up around 10 and made a gorgeous breakfast. 

The crepes/pancakes are made from 2 eggs and some herbs and garlic. You whisk it up and then put it to the side. Inside there are mushrooms, onions, peppers and spinach along with my HEA of cheese. You cook that up and then whilst keeping it warm you cook the pancakes. Its gorgeous and filling.

Once this and my coffee had been consumed it was time to start working on the Christmas decorations. I had my put some decals on the window, They were supposed to be easy to take off but they certainly weren't. It was hard work and I roped Rich into helping me with some of them. I certainly worked my arm muscles today so I hope tomorrow I won't regret it. 

I also took our tree down and did a quick vacumn whilst watching the football which I wish I had avoided! Arsenal are very frustrating right now and make me swear too much haha.

Lunch was a simply but filling meal of jacket potato mushrooms and a mix of baked beans and hello kitty spaghetti as there wasn't enough beans. I topped this with my HEB of cheese (today is mainly brought to you by cheese).

Oh look Doug is modelling for you all again. I use the McCain Jacket potatoes when feeling lazy and they are 1 syn which isn't too bad when you want minimal effort. Afterwards I had fruit and yoghurt a firm favourite.

I am not sure where this afternoon went once the football was done we watched some tv before it was time for dinner. For Christmas Rich got a marinade thing as a stocking filling and it was chilli and honey flavour so I marinated his chicken and my quorn fillet in this. It worked out as 35 calories for 16g so I calculated it as 2 syns we also had cheesy mash which Rich helped with and did contain a tbsp of butter but it worked really well. Of course I had lots of veggies with it too

In my mash potato I added some leeks which I had dry fried and it was very tasty.

I actually went up to 18.5 syns today but all week I've been at 10 and under so it didn't bother me. I have not long finished munching on some mikado actually had a fair few of these tonight they are so yummy.

Only a few more days till weigh in and I am hoping for a good result. Breakfast and Lunch is ready for tomorrow and dinner planned out so it will be another successful day on plan

Happy Sunday everyone

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