Monday, 28 January 2013

The bean experiment

You will know from previous Monday blogs that I am not a fan of Mondays and today was quite a struggle. I woke up feeling a bit crap and a bit too tired...I really should not stay up reading on a school night ;) damn addictive books. Unfortunately my mood still isn't great at the moment but I've got the awesome Rich to keep me smiling and some great friends.

Did anyone watch the dispatches show on weight watchers? I have just switched it on will be interested to hear what is said on the show. For me slimming world works but I know a friend who is having great success on WW and she is not starving herself on it. 

Food wise I am hanging onto the wagon no matter how I am feeling. It's been a tough week but its going to be worth it on Wednesday if I have another loss.

Breakfast was not my usual dorset fruit as  I'm  bit low on fruit so I went for carrot cake porridge (Charlotte thank you 1million times for suggesting this).

The morning went by quite quickly as I focused on my work and drinking lots of coffee. Lunchtime was a bit disjointed as I was busy making a phonecall but I did manage to nuke my soup and settle down for some quality kindle time.

The orange is an aldi one and I have to agree with Mitchy they are delicious and easy to peel! I have changed to activia yogurts this week as they are cheaper than my usual mullers I do miss my banana and custard ones but going to try the more desserty ones next week. 

Now I may owe the people of Bristol an apology my mood has been so crap in places today I think I whipped up a storm...either that or mother nature is really annoyed at the moment. I felt a bit like Dorothy heading back to the car it was so windy. I got home and took sirdougle out for a walk which he seemed to enjoy except for the fact it was wet and doug does not do puddles. 

As I'm lovely I went and picked Rich up from work and came back to prepare dinner. Unfortunately the major lazy head was on today so it was very much a throw together meal which will be named the cheesymeatballbeanbake

I cooked off some quorn swedish meatballs and added them to a mix of garlic, baked beans, chopped tomatoes and mushrooms along with herbs. I then mixed in some pasta and topped it with cheese. It was very much a spare of the moment dish but worked really well and I will make again.

For 'pudding' I had a special k biscuit moments nommy chocolate fix!

I'm going to be heading to bed for a slightly earlier night armed with my book. One more full day till weigh in and two full days until payday yay. I have a plan to go shopping for pug cushions on Thursday and maybe a purple owl beanie.

p.s rich's conclusion was it was a bit sensationalist and to be honest whilst it was negative on ww it didn't really look into the other elements of the plan and focused just on propoints. 

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