Saturday, 12 January 2013

Odd socks and lurgyday

So I didn't blog last night so this will be a double dose. We watched a movie last night and I intended to blog after but we had a very early night instead. I decided I'd get working on my blog early tonight whilst watching the biggest loser usa. The losses in the first week are amazing but boy do they go through hell to get there. I am following it up with supersize versus superskinny...not the most jolly of saturday night viewing but it is stopping me wanted to go over my syns.

So yesterday's food recap I started the day with the normal dorset fruit muesli (40g for a heb) with yogurt and this time a different fruit grapes. We had run out of my frozen blueberries and the fridge was getting a bit low on fruit.

Of course I had my coffee as normal and this time the food is brought to you by Morph.

As normal yesterday was a busy day and many cups of coffee were drunk to keep me going. I think I am beginning to get a handle on the backlog though so that's reassuring. Lunch came quickly for me and I had a jacket potato with bolagnaise.

Meet my pretty purple bag that I use for work. I like to decorate my pictures with stuff when there is no Doug available. I had babybels today which I hadn't had for a while I broke them up and mixed them into the potato and bol mix. Of course I had fruit too.

Now thankfully yesterday was Friday and me and rich have a movie night on a Friday. I decided to make a pasta bake and sought some advice from Mitchy on the sauce as wanted to make it a bit different.

Here is the finished article (my portion is on the left)

The sauce was made by firstly dry frying onions and garlic. I then added grated carrot, mushrooms and passatta and some parsley, pepper, soy sauce and a bit of sweetener. I cooked this until it had thickened. The magic ingredient was two laughing cow triangles to make the sauce creamier and it worked perfectly (thanks mitchy). I added it to cooked pasta and then put it in the oven with my healthy extra of cheese. 

I prepped a movie snack 14 mikado (there were 15 until rich nabbed one)

That took me to 9.5 syns for the day, I tend  to average 10 a day which allows for hidden syns.

So onto today despite being in bed before 10 last night both me and rich struggled to get up this morning. I woke up feeling lurgyfied it would be appear i've got a cold trying to break through but it wont come out yet. I got up as tesco turned up with our food shopping. I was happy to see these in our shopping

These have been like golddust so I am looking forward to trying one as I like turkish delight.

I skipped breakfast as by the time I'd got up and put the shopping away it was nearly lunch time. I went for simple today a tomato and herb pasta n sauce with mushrooms and veggies

A hello from Doug who wanted my cheese. I had two lots of my healthy extra of cheese today and it was a really good and filling meal. 

I then filled the afternoon playing a game called odd socks on facebook which was pretty addictive. I think filling my time with things to keep me occupied definitely stops me snacking.

Dinner was inspired by a meal mitchy had made earlier in the week

I roasted the butternut squash for about 3o minutes after scooping out the seeds. The filling is mushrooms from the biggest loser cookbook and they are really tasty. I fried off onion and garlic and then added the mushrooms. Once these were close to being cooked I added a squeeze of lemon, paprika and parsley. I then took them off the heat and mixed in 1 tbsp of fromage frais. The salad is feta (45g for a b box) baby spinach, cherry toms, pepper and beetroot. I haven't had feta in ages but will be having it more it was very tasty in the salad. 

I've not long finished my syn snack

I had 10 mikado (5 syns) and 21 special k crackers (5 syns) and they were yummy. I have portioned up the special k crackers and rich has put them away so i can only have them if he gets them for me as crisps are a major downfall for me. I want to learn to control this hence reintroducing them. Hopefully my determination will help as I want to get into the next stone bracket this week and have another good loss.

I am feeling quite chuffed with myself today as I have yet again done another day on plan and also me and mitchy came up with the slogan say no to naan! I hope she is enjoying her curry 

Thats all from me today I hope everyone is having a good saturday


  1. I said no to a whole naan :) I allowed myself 40 flexi syns and had half of one!


  2. So tempted to give the butternut squash a go as I have never tried on :S

  3. you should slimmingmum x its so so nice