Monday, 31 March 2014

Date night and work day

So a bit of a catchup as I was out late last night on a date with wonderful fiance
We had a fun night first having dinner at TGI Friday's then going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was fantastic.
 The bike in TGI's
The delicious Chris Evans as Captain America. It was really good to spend some quality time with Rich doing something a bit different. During the day I didn't do much as wasn't feeling too good so spent the day catching up on Grimm, enjoying a bubble bath and getting ready to go out including finding an appropriate top and painting my nails red white and blue.

Food wise the day was on plan however dinner cost me roughly 46 syns. Originally we had planned to go to Chiquitos and I had planned my food however it is no longer where I thought it was so we had to rethink. TGI's is not very veggie friendly so I selected the best options and enjoyed my food. I checked and I am not over 105 syns for the week so hopefully no damage has been done.
Sausage mushroom and fried egg sandwich HEB plus 3 syns for the extra 15g of bread and tbsp of flora lighter than light)
 Cheesy orzo with mushrooms, courgette and onions and a salted caramel green tea.
 Orange muller light (nom nom). Just as a warning muller lights are not vegetarian, I am personally not a full veggie I just choose the green plan as I love cheese and pasta and am not a huge fan of meat and could not choose between coffee and cheese....I mean seriously how could I do that???
My dinner out, I started with mushroom and cheese potato skins (approx 10 syns) and then veggie fajitas (according to syns online it is 36 syns for veggie fajitas.....oddly steak fajitas would be less syns on green so maybe the vegetables are super mutanty or oily?). I didn't have the guacamole or salsa but did enjoy the sour cream. The food was gorgeous and I enjoyed it and just hanging out with Rich.

Today I was back too work after being unwell, I still don't feel perfect but it was nice to be back into the routine (though when my alarm went off at 6.25am I did not agree). Work was fine had a bit of a busy day but I like busy days. Once work was done I headed home and took Doug out for a walk. After his leg issue last week it was his first decent walk and he came through unscathed. I did have an amusing conversation with my friend Liz (Dudley's mum) about the joys of being a pug mum. They really are funny little things. I went to pick Rich up from work accompanied by Doug who decided he wanted to help me drive.
This evening has been quiet and soon Ill be heading to bed once Mary Berry is done as I'm knackered. Food wise it has been a good day.
 30g Special K granola (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and the first of my coffees (HEA)
 Sweets that are shaped like grapes and taste like grapes...okay so its just grapes
 Freezer mystery food which turned out to be quorn bolagnaise with fruit.
 Speedy tomato soup with a cheese toastie (HEA and HEB)
Muller dessert (1) oreos (2.5) and bubbly bite (3) taking the syns too 6.5 for the day.

I'm going to head to bed now but just a reminder if you fancy donating in support of mine and Liz's upcoming wag walk for Baths Cats and Dogs home the link is here

Night night all xoxo

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Busy Saturday

So I did mean to blog last night but had such a busy day that didn't get much chance. I did manage to get through the whole day without feeling utterly rubbish so I am hoping I am now on the road for recovery. The day started semi early as I had plans to meet the girls at 10.30 and wanted a decent breakfast inside me. For some reason though on weekends I need a good half hour and a coffee before I can contemplate cooking breakfast something that never used too happen. My mug of choice was wonder woman.
Once breakfast was consumed I headed got ready and headed out to pick up the girls and head into town. We did a bit of mooching around town before heading to the Alternative and Burlesque fair (the mooching included free coffee...never going to say no to free coffee)
The fair was fantastic, we saw some amazing pole dancers seriously how strong must their arms be!! I was so impressed by them and the whole event. It was pure heaven and we also managed to find a  makeup artist who can make me look fab on my wedding day. I also felt really good outfit wise yesterday which is the first time in ages. Normally I don't feel right but I loved my new Batman corset jumper top and felt fab. I spoilt myself a bit on a new bag, some necklaces and hair grips
I headed home mid afternoon and decided to get too work on my bookcase...I didn't finish it before the football started so decided about 10pm that I really wanted it done and then once it was done I clearly had to unpack my books. The only problem is I have too many books for my bookcase so will need to get another one.
This makes me so happy seeing my books up and having the collections together...any followers of this blog know I like reading and I will admit this morning I went and visited the bookcase to check it was still standing and look at my lovely books yeh yeh I'm a nerd 

I ended up going to bed just before 1am which is quite late for me but I did watch my phone clock change from 12.59pm to 2pm. This really did confuse me despite knowing the clocks were going forward. I have just never seen the time change.

Food wise the day looked like this
 SW friendly fried breakfast with 1 syn for the tomato sauce.
Breakfast Lasagne with Garlic bread (HEB x2 and HEA). The recipe for the lasagne can be found here

You will notice only two meals yesterday and I only had 2 syns (the other was in the free coffee). I completely forgot lunch as I was out and was so preoccupied with my books that I didn't have any other syns. The dinner was a bit of a struggle for me but one I am pleased I overcame. Once the football was finished I was having an internal struggle over cooking dinner I was really tired and didn't want to move and was close to ordering a takeaway but I had a word with myself and got moving and cooked dinner and it was gorgeous! 

So that's you caught up on Saturday, we are going out tonight to the cinema so I will be double blogging tomorrow. Bye bye for now x

Friday, 28 March 2014

Bugs and Walks

So day 6 of feeling rubbish though as the evening draws to a close humanness is beginning to return to me. In part I do have to thank Doug for this as he let of a gust of wind so loud it scared him and he ran off...only to do the same again and start barking. It was so funny it really cheered me up so much and laughter sometimes can be a magic cure. 

Another thing that has put a smile on my face today was my mug of choice for my first drink of the day.
Mitchy brought me this for my birthday and it really made me smile this morning. Yes that is Doug trying to get into the picture. 

Apart from that today has been quite sedate as I continued my recovery process and felt relieved when about 3pm I actually had reached an hour without feeling sick. This meant that I was fit enough to go food shopping (boo hiss) so went to pick Rich up from work to get his assistance with this task. I decided to put some music on and have a bit of a sing too as singing makes me singing does not however make the general public happy particularly some poor kid who stopped by my open window as I was singing along to Don't stop me now. This evening we have had our usual movie night and enjoyed Sherlock Holmes.

I did manage today to set up a Just Giving page for the wag walk that me and Liz are doing at the end of April, we are walking six miles along with our gorgeous pugs along the Bath skyline.
We are doing the walk for Bath Cats and Dogs home which is an amazing rescue home in my hometown. I used to volunteer there before we moved as a dog walker and small animal cuddler. The home is amazing, they never turn an animal away and the donations we raise go towards helping provide a home for a dog for as long as they need it or a shelter for a cat or rat or bunny. The animal carers are fabulous and I am looking forward to helping them again. If you want to help us meet our goal you can sponsor us here

Food wise today has looked like this...

Magic pancakes made as waffles (HEB) with 2 tsp of choc shot (1 syn) mixed berries and greek yogurt sweetener with vanilla essence and sweetener.
 Quorn bacon, mushroom, courgette and onion omelette with HEA cheese and baked beans.
Mayflower curry (5 syns) with SW chips and egg fried rice. I fancied a garlic naan but the syns were way too high for my liking so instead I used a WW pitta bread and sprayed it in garlic oil. It was a really good and I didn't miss the naan bread.
Movie pudding grapes muller light strawberry cheesecake (1) and mini party rings (5.5) taking my syns too 12.5 for the day.

That's all for me now I am going to head to bed soon as tomorrow I am going to an alt/burlesque/gothic fair with the girls so shopping may occur (correction will occur) then I have a thrilling 90 minutes of football too watch. Arsenal please please please please don't get hammered!!

Night night all xoxo

Thursday, 27 March 2014

What day is it?

Being ill has completely messed with my internal calender but I think today is Thursday which means I have blogged two nights on the trot...shocking for me! This will be a short blog as well...I have done nothing today. I have sat on my bottom and watched Secret Eaters (yes eclairs do help you gain weight....and taking cereal to work and not eating it is not healthy eating especially when you have a full fry up) and Masterchef (smash in pasta????) before starting through many episodes of legal drama Suits which is pretty good. I guess one advantage of being ill my sky box is finally getting cleared. 

The only other notable thing I did today was have a bubble bath, not the most exciting day is it...but I did entertain myself by knowing all the words to this band
 Nostalgia time in the bath, I will be seeing them in June so needed to practice to sing along!
The rest of the day has been spent doing more sitting so I will entertain you with pictures of my food.
Beans on ww wholemeal pitta bread low fat quorn sausages and many mushrooms plus 1 syn for tomato sauce
 Mushy pea curry, batchelors curry rice and veg
 Honey BBQ sauce (except I used golden syrup) cheesey mash and veg I used 2syns for the BBQ sauce and 2x hex for the cheese. The recipe for the sauce can be found here
Pudding muller light (1) 2 nutri grain biscuits (5) and two oreos (5) taking my syns too 14 for the day. Think its time for a date with my book now night night x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sick girl tales and horrendous weigh in

Not a major surprise here yet again I am under the weather. I am literally beyond fed up with my shocking immune system and its ability to let every bug going come through the door. This time it has brought a sickness/headache bug. Whilst I haven't been physically sick in a few days I have been constantly nauseous and headachey and weak. It hasn't stopped me eating which is good but I find that I feel sick before and after. I am hoping that once I get to my target weight my chances of getting ill reduce as frankly it is stupid! 

Another thing that is frankly stupid is my lame attempts at slimming world, I trotted along to weigh in last night expecting a gain but not expecting a 9.5lb gain I got. Yes I've had a birthday but I cannot use a few days as an excuse for the nonsense of the past few weeks. It is now 31 weeks until we get married (well 31 weeks 4 days and a few hours) and I do not want to feel frumpy on my wedding day. I know the bride always looks beautiful on their wedding day but I want to feel it inside and out. Right now I don't feel remotely beautiful infact I feel a bit toadlike I don't like what I see in the mirror but I can either winge about it constantly or I can do something to change it. The problem is I have been down this road before and have already put on half of what I have lost. I keep promising myself I will change. My lovely friend Tracy this last night and I have to say I agree with her wholeheartedly...

"Right no more punishing ourselves for gains or falling off the bus. It is what it is. New rule: praise what we have achieved no matter how small, forget the bad things. Draw a line under them and then move on. Forward all the way!"
So that's what I am going to try and do...and also start staying to group not skipping out because I've had a bad week. Infact on the bad weeks I need group even more. I have an excellent consultant and need to use her support and that from the group. I need to acknowledge my triggers and accept I cannot and will not be perfect. I won't promise to blog daily because some nights I am just too tired but I do promise I will make sure I take pictures of my food even the bad food. I am going to put my food up on instagram daily so at least thats a good tracker so if you want to follow me I am kazakatalia on there. 

So today once I was up and about I got about my daily task of sitting on the sofa acting like a dying thingum and watching Dracula (TV show) whilst discussing with Rich why the Wolfenstein ultimate edition is like pasta without the cheese (basically the ultimate edition doesn't come with the game which I think is dumb!). Food wise the day has looked like this...
 SW fry up 1 syn for the tomato sauce the rest free/superfree
 McCain smiles (1 syn for the two) with my little pony sketti HEB of cheese and salad
 Grapes, melon and a muller light plus coffee using HEA of milk
 Taglitelle quorn bol with HEA of cheese
Muller bannofee yogurt with two nutri grain biscuits (5) two hifi bars (HEB) and a bubbly bite taking the total too 10.

I've enjoyed my food today just not so much the after effects but not eating makes me feel ill so I can't win and think I'll just try to keep eating my on plan food. On that note its time for snooze night night all xoxo