Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ouch ouch and more ouch

I am a proper little grumpuss today mainly because I am in pain and when I am in pain I don't feel like being my usual self. The pain kicked in this morning and then steadily got worse as the day went on. When I got home from work is was pretty bad with my all left side being in some sort of pain spasm. Of course this meant that when I got home from work I wasn't going to do much but sit and relax.
Doug was a master carer and ensured I was comfortable. The problem came when it was time to make dinner as I had limited energy and I was also convinced that we were lacking cheese (something that should never happen in our house). Luckily Rich found cheese and offered to cook. 

So apart from my grumpiness today its been a pretty standard though I now have a four day weekend :D we are going to Crufts Saturday so I decided to have a long weekend.

Food wise despite the wobble I have stuck too plan...getting to be a bit angelic aren't I. 
Dorset fruit muesli with coffee
Shock horror no tub of grapes on their own for the mid morning snack
quorn chicken and quorn bacon sandwich with 2tbsp of mayo (1 syn for lighter than light heinz stuff) and cucumber plus the usual fruit and a yogurt too.
Low fat quorn sausage and mushroom cheese pasta (1 1/2 HEA and 3 syns)
Rest of my syns on gingerbread men (6) and aero biscuit (5) taking me to 15 for the day.

There won't be a blog now until Sunday as we are heading to the midlands tomorrow once Rich has finished work then we will be surrounded by many dogs.

Night night all xoxo

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