Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Weigh in and pancake day

Quick update from me tonight as tiredness is hitting and I still have a few bits to do before bed. I have been to weigh in tonight and lost 5lbs which I am really pleased with. It's been a good week on plan and I am pleased that I was able to pull a decent loss. I am definitely motivated for the week ahead and I hope to get another decent loss.

Nothing really exciting to report from today except I had peanut butter jelly time stuck in my head with a combination of pharrells im happy. It worked well and had me feeling quite chirpy for most of the day. 

Food wise the day looked like this
Usual dorset fruit muesli
Quorn bacon and quorn roast salad and fruit
Cheesy pasta with a tub of low low and topped with the rest of my HEA of cheese. It is packed with veggies too.

As it is pancake day I wasn't going to not enjoy some pancakes and Rich expertly cooked me two which cost me 25 syns and were worth it. I did have to peel the mini cream eggs first

Thats all from me tonight night night all xoxo


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