Sunday, 2 March 2014

Very lazy Sunday

Today has been an incredibly lazy day...infact the most notable thing I've done today is get out of bed and do my laundry. My pose for most of the day has been this
Even Doug has had a lazy day, I guess yesterday tired us out more than we expected. Unfortunately I have the usual aches and pains for some reason my knee is sore which is irritating so had to rest it of course ;)

I wish I could regale you with tales of fun like yesterday but today has been a very dull day as I did nothing but it was needed. I did however manage to have some gorgeous food today.
SW friendly fried breakfast this time with little diced potatoes too (2 syns for the tomato sauce)
Speedy tomato soup with cheese on toast (HEB x2 and HEA)
Roast dinner (1.5 syns for the gravy)
Supper crisps (6.5) aero biscuit (5) taking me to 15 for the day.

Another day closer to weigh in eeep will bid you all night night xoxo

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