Monday, 31 March 2014

Date night and work day

So a bit of a catchup as I was out late last night on a date with wonderful fiance
We had a fun night first having dinner at TGI Friday's then going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier which was fantastic.
 The bike in TGI's
The delicious Chris Evans as Captain America. It was really good to spend some quality time with Rich doing something a bit different. During the day I didn't do much as wasn't feeling too good so spent the day catching up on Grimm, enjoying a bubble bath and getting ready to go out including finding an appropriate top and painting my nails red white and blue.

Food wise the day was on plan however dinner cost me roughly 46 syns. Originally we had planned to go to Chiquitos and I had planned my food however it is no longer where I thought it was so we had to rethink. TGI's is not very veggie friendly so I selected the best options and enjoyed my food. I checked and I am not over 105 syns for the week so hopefully no damage has been done.
Sausage mushroom and fried egg sandwich HEB plus 3 syns for the extra 15g of bread and tbsp of flora lighter than light)
 Cheesy orzo with mushrooms, courgette and onions and a salted caramel green tea.
 Orange muller light (nom nom). Just as a warning muller lights are not vegetarian, I am personally not a full veggie I just choose the green plan as I love cheese and pasta and am not a huge fan of meat and could not choose between coffee and cheese....I mean seriously how could I do that???
My dinner out, I started with mushroom and cheese potato skins (approx 10 syns) and then veggie fajitas (according to syns online it is 36 syns for veggie fajitas.....oddly steak fajitas would be less syns on green so maybe the vegetables are super mutanty or oily?). I didn't have the guacamole or salsa but did enjoy the sour cream. The food was gorgeous and I enjoyed it and just hanging out with Rich.

Today I was back too work after being unwell, I still don't feel perfect but it was nice to be back into the routine (though when my alarm went off at 6.25am I did not agree). Work was fine had a bit of a busy day but I like busy days. Once work was done I headed home and took Doug out for a walk. After his leg issue last week it was his first decent walk and he came through unscathed. I did have an amusing conversation with my friend Liz (Dudley's mum) about the joys of being a pug mum. They really are funny little things. I went to pick Rich up from work accompanied by Doug who decided he wanted to help me drive.
This evening has been quiet and soon Ill be heading to bed once Mary Berry is done as I'm knackered. Food wise it has been a good day.
 30g Special K granola (HEB) with fruit and yogurt and the first of my coffees (HEA)
 Sweets that are shaped like grapes and taste like grapes...okay so its just grapes
 Freezer mystery food which turned out to be quorn bolagnaise with fruit.
 Speedy tomato soup with a cheese toastie (HEA and HEB)
Muller dessert (1) oreos (2.5) and bubbly bite (3) taking the syns too 6.5 for the day.

I'm going to head to bed now but just a reminder if you fancy donating in support of mine and Liz's upcoming wag walk for Baths Cats and Dogs home the link is here

Night night all xoxo

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