Monday, 10 March 2014

Gorges Crufts tears and worms

I did mean to blog yesterday however I spent the whole day in Nazi Germany and once I left I was a tad emotional so wasn't in the mood to blog.
The reason for the tears was the above book which I would recommend to anyone who likes reading. It is an amazing and moving book. As a former history nerd (my degree was in this) I do find this period of history particularly fascinating but until this book had not been able to find a fiction book that has held my interest. 

So anyway lets reverse back to Friday, I had the day off work so took full advantage of this by first having a slight lay in before dropping Rich off at work and then taking Doug out on an adventure. I am lucky that I now work in Clifton which is a beautiful part of Bristol but I haven't really explored it enough so I took Doug up for a walk across the clifton downs and found the gorge that Id been told about.

I was really chuffed with how far I walked and it was worth it as the views were amazing. Once we were done with our walk we had to go and pick up the shopping then it was time to do some relaxing. I was conscious that we were going to crufts on Saturday so made an effort to prep some bits to take with me as I remembered from last year that it was tricky to find on plan food.
Apart from the walk then some sitting we didn't do much else Friday Doug was dropped off for his sleepover with his aunty Liz and Dudley before we headed up to the Midlands. On route we had to stop for coffee and I decided to save my HEA for it.
Food wise the rest of the day looked like this
 Rice pudding with fruit and a coffee
 Jacket potato topped with baked beans and HEA of cheese plus quorn tikka slices (F) and salad
 Fruit and walkers pop crisps (4)
Quorn sausages (3) in a homemade tomato sauce with pasta and 2x HEB of cheese. My syns for the day were 7 plus probably 1 or 2 for the extra milk.

On to Saturday which was Crufts day, I love going to Crufts and meeting all the dogs and shopping (aka spoiling Doug). One of the highlights of the day was meeting Victoria Stillwell who is one of my heroes.
We did so much walking (about 12000 steps which based on Rich's normal walk is about 4.5 miles) we met lots of dogs and again debated the merit of a little brother or sister for Doug and got many doggie kisses. We also did far too much shopping so Doug now has even more toys the spoilt little man he is. Crufts finished about 8 and we headed back home via Liz's to collect our little furbaby. It was a long day but so worth it and I am already looking forward to next years :D

Food wise I am so chuffed with myself as I stayed on plan the whole day despite the temptations.
Rice pudding with fruit and a coffee
 Hifi bar (1/2 HEB)
 Subway salad bowl (2 syns for sweet onion dressing) to which I added my babybels (HEA) and quorn tikka fillets
 Random snack box including low fat quorn sausages
 Other half of my HEB plus grapes whilst watching the flyball.
Sandwich when I hot home as I had the munchies so I used my final HEB on this sandwich which had 2 tbsp of mayo (1 syn) cucumber and quorn chicken slices. My syns for the day were 7 and I went to bed tired and happy.

Still with me? On to Sunday I woke up very sore from all the walking so it was always going to be a lazy day. I spent the majority of the day reading my book and watching Rich play Stick of Truth.
As you can see Doug was on board with the lazy day. It was a good day though the worms seem to have taken root in my stomach and I was struggling to feel full until quite late in the day. I hate days like this as usually they mean I go off plan and gorge but I stuck to plan the whole day. Food wise the day shaped up a bit like this
 SW fry up (1 syn for the tomato sauce)
 Speedy tomato soup with a cheese toastie (HEA and HEB)
Oaty biscuits (HEB) I had a biscuit craving and saw this recipe online so thought I'd try. They are really simple to make too. 35g of porridge oats, 1 tbsp of sweetener and 1 egg. Mix together well and then make into biscuit shapes and bake for 15 minutes at 200. I tweaked the recipe a bit as added 20g of peanut hottie (4 syns) and an extra egg. The mix made 6 biscuits so I had three as a mid afternoon snack.
 Sausage mash and gravy (1.5) with veggies
 The rest of the biscuits topped with 2 tsp of choc shot (1 syn) and two bubbly bites.
Told you I had worms sw chips with a tbsp of tomato sauce (0.5) taking my syns too 14.5.

And finally we are on today, we both had the day off work so once a few chores were done we settled down to some serious gaming
It was fab and I spent most of the time smashing stuff (I was Hulk a lot). This evening we watch Captain America: The First Avenger in preparation for the new movie coming out. I had worms again today and was also really tired which was annoying. Food wise the day was like this
 Magic muffins with fruit and 2 tsp of choc shot (1)
 BBQ quorn fillet with salad and cheese (HEA) inside a BFree wrap (HEB)
 Melon and grape snackpot
 Bubbly bite (3) being watched by the adorable Doug
Quorn chicken fillets done in maggi so tender papyrus papers (3 syns) sw chips and salad. You will notice the few mushrooms....this was due to a slight burning of food issue and we couldnt salvage many :( (sad face as I love my shrooms)
Movie snacks walkers pops (4) oreos (2.5) and a muller light taking the day to 13.5.

It's weigh in tomorrow and I'm hoping for a good result as I have been on the wagon and done more exercise than normal. I won't be staying to group however as have a rather important football match to watch (come on Arsenal!!!).

Thankyou for bearing with me on the whistle stop tour of the past 4 days I am going to head to bed now as I have work tomorrow night night all xoxo


  1. Hi, Kanen, enjoy reading your posts, which I found from KM's list on her blog. Happy Birthday, and have your read "When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit" and the following two of Judith Kerr's trilogy? Highly recommended, and the first one being aimed at children is a short and quick read. I read it in one go on the Kindle, with just a few essential breaks. Obviously, I realised that as JK is still alive at 90, she'd survive, but was still worried! M x

    1. Thankyou xx I havent read it but added it to my ever growing amazon wishlist ;) its getting bigger by the day hehe will definitely check it out I did my degree in history and find the nazi germany era fascinating