Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sick girl tales and horrendous weigh in

Not a major surprise here yet again I am under the weather. I am literally beyond fed up with my shocking immune system and its ability to let every bug going come through the door. This time it has brought a sickness/headache bug. Whilst I haven't been physically sick in a few days I have been constantly nauseous and headachey and weak. It hasn't stopped me eating which is good but I find that I feel sick before and after. I am hoping that once I get to my target weight my chances of getting ill reduce as frankly it is stupid! 

Another thing that is frankly stupid is my lame attempts at slimming world, I trotted along to weigh in last night expecting a gain but not expecting a 9.5lb gain I got. Yes I've had a birthday but I cannot use a few days as an excuse for the nonsense of the past few weeks. It is now 31 weeks until we get married (well 31 weeks 4 days and a few hours) and I do not want to feel frumpy on my wedding day. I know the bride always looks beautiful on their wedding day but I want to feel it inside and out. Right now I don't feel remotely beautiful infact I feel a bit toadlike I don't like what I see in the mirror but I can either winge about it constantly or I can do something to change it. The problem is I have been down this road before and have already put on half of what I have lost. I keep promising myself I will change. My lovely friend Tracy this last night and I have to say I agree with her wholeheartedly...

"Right no more punishing ourselves for gains or falling off the bus. It is what it is. New rule: praise what we have achieved no matter how small, forget the bad things. Draw a line under them and then move on. Forward all the way!"
So that's what I am going to try and do...and also start staying to group not skipping out because I've had a bad week. Infact on the bad weeks I need group even more. I have an excellent consultant and need to use her support and that from the group. I need to acknowledge my triggers and accept I cannot and will not be perfect. I won't promise to blog daily because some nights I am just too tired but I do promise I will make sure I take pictures of my food even the bad food. I am going to put my food up on instagram daily so at least thats a good tracker so if you want to follow me I am kazakatalia on there. 

So today once I was up and about I got about my daily task of sitting on the sofa acting like a dying thingum and watching Dracula (TV show) whilst discussing with Rich why the Wolfenstein ultimate edition is like pasta without the cheese (basically the ultimate edition doesn't come with the game which I think is dumb!). Food wise the day has looked like this...
 SW fry up 1 syn for the tomato sauce the rest free/superfree
 McCain smiles (1 syn for the two) with my little pony sketti HEB of cheese and salad
 Grapes, melon and a muller light plus coffee using HEA of milk
 Taglitelle quorn bol with HEA of cheese
Muller bannofee yogurt with two nutri grain biscuits (5) two hifi bars (HEB) and a bubbly bite taking the total too 10.

I've enjoyed my food today just not so much the after effects but not eating makes me feel ill so I can't win and think I'll just try to keep eating my on plan food. On that note its time for snooze night night all xoxo

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