Thursday, 13 March 2014

Catching up again

So yet again I haven't blogged for a few days, the evenings have been filled with football and then a movie date with a friend so I've not had the chance to sit down and concentrate on blogging. So lets rewind to Tuesday first off and weigh in day. I was hoping that my efforts on the weekend and the exercise would be worth it. I stood on the scales and was rewarded with a 2.5lb loss. I will admit I was a tad dissapointed as wanted more but that's just greedy ;) the good thing is I have now done two weeks on the trot and do feel more in control again. I have a few social occasions coming up in the next two weeks due to my birthday and I will be flexi synning on the events and then on plan the rest of the time so I can keep focused on my goals.

Apart from weigh in Tuesday was just the normal day work wise, I came home from weigh in and watched the football and enjoyed a plan takeaway pizza. Food wise the day looked like this.
 Porridge (HEB) with yogurt and fruit
 Grapes mid morning
 Quorn fillet pieces and salad with fruit and babybels (HEA)
I forgot to take a picture of the pizza as I was so egrossed in the game. So I found this was me with the pizza. 

On too yesterday, again work was unremarkable the usual do my job come home walk Doug sort of day except there was an addition of a date with my lovely sparkly unicorn Jen. We had decided to go and see The Book Thief after both loving the book and the film was fab, it stayed close to the book in most places and tears were shed by me at the end. It was good to hang out with my Jen we went for a drink before hand and had a bit of a drool over the dessert cabinet but did not divebomb it (though it was tempting)
Food wise it was a good nom day
 Dorset fruit muesli with fruit and yogurt
 Grapes....not really a surprise there
Bfree wrap (HEB) with 1tbsp of mayo (0.5) quorn chicken slices and lettuce with babybels (HEA) and more fruit.
Quorn chicken fillets in Maggi so tender paprika papyrus papers (3 syns for both) veg and sw chips. I also had 2tbsp of tommy sauce (1).
Chocolate muller dessert (5)

Today hasn't been anything out of the ordinary it was proper foggy of those days when you look out across Clifton Downs and expect to see a zombie coming through the fog...or is it just me that thinks that.....
I would argue that I resembled a zombie a bit today too as I spent lunch reading my book and listening to my music that when lunch was done I had gone into a trance like state. Coffee was required a lot today particular post lunch. Once work was done we headed to Asda for a few bits tomorrow and I took the opportunity to grab some new healthy b's
You can have one sachet as a HEB so I am looking forward to trying these out. I tend to have the same cereals all the time so decided to mix things up a bit so expect to see some different bits coming soon. 

Food looked like this today
 Dorset fruit muesli yogurt and fruit
 Speedy tomato soup and fruit
Amazing dinner two quorn southern fried burgers (5) with cheese (HEA) wholemeal roll (HEB) sw chips garlic shrooms and salad.
Twirl (6) and oreos (2.5).

I'm out tomorrow night so probably won't blog until Saturday again I will be making the best decisions I can tomorrow whilst still enjoying dinner with my lovely friends. Night night all xoxo

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