Monday, 3 March 2014

Battling metal monsters and crisp kryptonite

After I posted my blog last night I came to a rather sparkly revelation I had eaten and enjoyed a bag of crisps yet had no desire to have another bag. For me crisps are my kryptonite...
I'm not kidding they make me weak and once I've eaten a bag I can't stop...I have put several bags into a bowl to try and hide how many I was eating, I've munched several bags when Rich hasn't been around and it is like they have a mind control over me. Maybe there is some sciencey facts behind my uncontrollable crisp obsession. Last night though was a major breakthrough...don't get me wrong the crisps were delicious but I was able to not go all gremlin like on them.

This got me thinking about self control and being in the right mindset. In the last few days I have seen a few people giving up on slimming world to try a different plan because they don't feel it is working. The thing is it does work ladies like Weight Loss Bitch and Mitchy are proof of this but if you do not have the right frame of mind or don't follow the plan you face an uphill battle. If you follow the plan given be it slimming world, weight watchers or Cambridge and have the right frame of mind then it will work. If you try and cheat the plan, in the case of slimming world don't syn appropriately or not make the adjustments in your life then you may struggle. It is a hard fact but it is one I learnt the weighty way. I have managed to get myself into the right mindset this week....I hope it lasts because quite frankly it was getting stupid. I had to make the decision did I want that takeaway pizza or did I want to get into my clothes comfortably. I chose the latter I want to be healthy and lose my flubber. I am by no means perfect but I am working on changing my head mechanics. I have ditched 'treat night' I am on plan and whilst I won't be living like a nun as will still enjoy planned events and any food/drink issues that come with them I am now telling myself to get right back on plan and not simply waste an entire week because I have binged or eaten takeaway.

I guess my point is before you feel the plan is not working look at what you are doing and whether you are prepared to make the life change that it is. 

Today hasn't been too shabby a day for a Monday though it did start with the annoyance of queues of metal monsters (aka a traffic jam). Whilst sitting in a queue I did spot this which was clearly a sign that the day was going to be okay
Any followers of my blog will know I am rather partial to unicorns...what was quite freaky is Jen has seen the same thingy a week before the unicorns be following us. The day panned out in its usual format, work walk Doug then an hour spent in the company of Oliver Queen.
The rest of the evening has been filled with chatting with some lovely ladies (though conversations about cheese hats may be a bit mad...)

Food wise it has been a day of good noms
Dorset simply fruity muesli with fruit and yogurt
Grapes complete with my pen at a jaunty angle
Speedy tomato soup with babybels (HEA) and fruit

Burger bake (1.5 syns for three quorn burgers) topped with three slices of low low slices with sw chips shrooms and salad....I think I had a lot of superfree in this meal hehe. Doug wanted to make a cameo tonight
Rest of my syns nak'd raisins (3.5) oreos (2.5) and an aero biscuit (5)

And that's all from me tonight night night everybody xoxo

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  1. Well done on winning the battle of the crisps, isn't it great when you finally get your head in the right place....I'd had a sloppy few weeks since Christmas, messing with the same few pounds off then on again.....but something clicked this week and o feel like I'm in control you I have given up treat night as i think I could do as much damage in that night as a bad week, I'd have a great week then wonder why I didn't get the results I felt I deserved......this week I have also been eating 3 meals a day, lunches are hard because I work on the run. and quite frankly I was too lazy to plan ahead.....but I really want this weight loss, so I know I need to put in the effort.....thanks for your great blogs, they really make me think :-) x