Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tales of the river, the mud and fun times

Today has been a pretty fabulous day, it started slowly with a lazy morning which was very much needed after a working week. I did pretty much nothing this morning except sit on my glutamous maximous. This afternoon though I met Liz for what has become our weekly catchup/dog walk. It's a fab chance for the boys to have a run around and me and Liz to catch up and have a girly gossip. 

On route to meet Liz I was stuck in traffic mainly because Bristol City (booooo) were playing at home today and I passed a shop I see most days but with an added addition (the shutter was down).
It does make me chuckle hehe one day I may have to pop in there.

The walk in the main was brilliant it was pretty muddy in some places
okay very muddy....we did persevere and try and wade through the mud but in the end it was getting a bit silly so I decided to try and cross the stream to see if we could go that way.
The water was a bit too deep though so we decided just to turn around, brave Dudley decided to come and join me whilst Doug was working his way through the mud...he isn't so keen on getting wet and muddy. The walk did take a slight uncomical turn when poor Dudley was on the wrong end of a slightly too exuberant dog and Dudley got a bit hurt. Thankfully it was not too serious but it did shake the poor little man up :( Liz reports that he was a bit wary when he got home (his big sister Noodles is a malamute) but then was fine. He is a tough little bruiser and he has his best friend Doug to protect him.

We managed to cover quite some distance on our walk...through mud, water and normal boring paths
Good preparation for our wag walk in April. Okay so I am a bit sore this evening but at least I was able to enjoy the walk quite well. I figured you may want to see some other pictures from our adventures.

We stopped for a hot drink (mine was a green tea).

Before we started walking Liz gave me some gorgeous flowers which now have pride of place in my house
She is an amazing friend and I love our walks x

Once we got home and Doug was cleaned off I decided it was time for a bubble bath and relax for a bit

As you can see Doug was full on board with the relaxation. This evening we have mainly relaxed and watched the Sherlock finale (its far too long too wait!!).

Food wise it has been another good day on plan, I started in my usual manner for a weekend
You will notice someones nose poking in there...SW fry up with 1 syn for the tomato sauce.
Lunch was stuffed jackets, quorn roast chicken fillets and salad. I baked the potato then scooped out the insides, mixed in 4 blue cheese laughing cow triangles (HEB) and some diced courgette and onions. I then baked them for a further 10 minutes.
Quorn tacos (7 syns for 2 shells) Batchelors mexican rice and more salad. I topped it with HEA of cheese.
Muller dessert (5) and two hifi bars (HEB). My other HEA was used on milk for coffee.

I am going to go and curl up in bed with my book now so will bid you all night night xoxo

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