Sunday, 23 March 2014

Going AWOL

Yet again I have neglected my blog and in the main slimming world...I have pretty much been on and off the wagon since a few days after my last post. Life has got in the way with dinner out with friends, domestic tasks and then a birthday. I won't catch you up on the food as I didn't actually take that many pictures of it or it just wasn't on plan....some things included a McDonalds, takeaway pizza or just random freezer food. I don't think I cooked much over the past week. Last weekend I did far too much domestic activity but we finally have a spare room that can be used and I am really pleased with what we did.

I figured I would fill you in some notable fun things from the last few days, I had my 34th birthday on Thursday and was very spoilt by my amazing Fiance and my amazing friends. 
I feel truly lucky to have such wonderful people in my life.

On the evening me and Rich went out to zaza bazaar which is an all you can eat restaurant. On Friday we went into Bath to visit an amazing book shop Mr B's Emporium of Reading Delights as Rich had got me a reading spa for christmas.

It was fantastic we talked too the amazing Ed and Danielle who talked me through some books and recommending some to bring home. Rich kindly treated me to some when the pile was huge
I cannot wait to get working on the pile, Rich is going to pick one at random for me as I simply couldn't choose where to start. They kindly emailed me a list of books that I want to add to my ever growing to read pile (an equally impressive pile of books).
On the evening I went out with friends for a night of drinking and dancing....and falling over ;)

I will admit to spending most of yesterday feeling tender particularly as I had managed to fall over and hit my nose...which has a cute little bruise on it now. Doug was also feeling a tad rough due to hurting his leg so we spend the day relaxing and watching TV
So today I woke up and got right back on the purple bus, the day has been spent either reading, watching TV or playing Lego Marvel with Rich which I am planning to get back too as soon as my blog is done.

So how did my first day back on plan look....pretty yummy I must say.
 SW friendly fry up with 1 syn for the tomato sauce.
Two cheese pasta (4 laughing cow blue cheese triangles and 40g grated cheese) with orzo, courgette, mushrooms and onion.
 Muller Banoffee pie yogurt (1 syn) and grapes
 Toad in the hole (5 syns) with veg mini roasties and gravy (1.5)
Danio honey yogurt (1.5) two hifi bars (HEB) oreo cookies (2.5) and a nana.

My total syns for the day were 12.5 and I enjoyed being back on plan. I am now going to go back to saving the Marvel universe. Night night all xoxo

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