Friday, 25 October 2013


Today hasn't been a great day mood wise, I have struggled all day with my mood not helped by trying to do finances on a lower than normal wage. I got really down about it especially when I looked online and saw friends out celebrating, buying things and generally getting on with their lives yet I am stuck in limbo land until I feel better. The thing is it stresses me out then I feel worse so really I need to relax and not stress....easier said than done. 

The mood further dropped when I ventured to Asda to get my quorn sausages to find as normal Asda lacking in quorn products that don't have huge syn values. I had a major grumpous attack but in the end just went to Sainsburys who never seem to have problems with stock...maybe I should just got there everytime it would save the steam and snarling ;)
These should last me for a while at least.

My mood did lift slightly when I met Rich from work and we ventured off to Aldi mainly because he always cheers me up. Neither of us can remember exactly what he did he was probably just being himself. He did scar me for life in Morrisons after that by showing me a very odd looking One Direction annual...I know they have their fans but their faces on the annual freaked me out. 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be on better form and not so emo.

Food wise it has been simple today but good food
Looks a bit of a mess on the plate but three quorn sausages, quorn bacon (1.5) plum tomatoes, mushrooms and halloween spaghetti shapes.
Cheesey orzo using a whole tub of low low with mushrooms courgettes and onions
'Mitchy' curry which is a tin of chickpea dahl and a tin of chopped tomatoes with a tsp of curry powder. I added some extra mushrooms and courgettes. It was yummy and filling.
Chocolate mousse (3.5)

I am now going to go and play a bit of Pokemon and then head to bed.

Night night all xoxo


Thursday, 24 October 2013

Joffrey is a poopee head

Oh the maturity but if any of you have watched Game of Thrones then you will understand where I am coming from. I mean seriously he is so annoying!! Now Ned Stark aka Mr Sean Bean is not annoying.
So yes my productive day was in part taken up watching the rest of season 2 of Game of Thrones and understanding what the fuss is about. I did enjoy it and hope the third season gets repeated very soon so I can see what the red wedding was about. I did get up this morning with the intention to do a lot of studying but soon after breakfast I began to feel quite unwell and the dizzy spells kicked off quite badly so instead I had to sit on the sofa and head to Westeros. 

By mid aftenoon the dizziness calmed down a bit so I ventured outside for a walk with Doug. It was nice to be out and we met a gorgeous staffie called Milo who gave me many kisses. 

This evening I have been a proper productive nerd and did a fair bit of studying which was nice as I felt very motivated
Hopefully tomorrow I won't feel rubbish and will be able to do more whilst I'm in the swing of things. I could have gone on tonight but the blurry eyes was preventing me. Even a cup of this gorgeous stuff didn't keep me too awake.
Food wise it was a good day with some yummy noms and apart from a brief desire to eat junk food which passed it has felt nice to be on plan.
Breakfast was gorgeous I made omelette wraps by mixing 3 eggs and basil and then making thin omelette type things. Inside was quorn low fat sausages, onions, mushrooms and HEA of cheese. They were really tasty and kept me full for quite a while which was good as I had lunch late.
Doug fancied trying my lunch too but he didn't get too and instead fell asleep on the tray. The bowl contains speed soup which was really nice. I was still peckish after this so had some blueberries and yogurt
Mid afternoon I decided to have some more noms
Chocolate coffee and a christmas pudding hifi bar (HEB). For those new readers I generally use one HEA on 350ml of milk on many cups of coffee during the day. I definitely need my coffee during the day.
Dinner was gorgeous, brown rice with herbs in it broccoli and then a strogonoff type thing with onions courgettes and mushrooms. I made the sauce using 75g of garlic and herb philadelphia and some veg stock. It was so tasty and had tons of veggies in it. 

When I settled down to study I had some sweet snacks to nom on 
The gingerbread latte was 4.5 syns, the raisins and the mousse both 3.5 each taking my total to 11.5 for the day.

Join me again tomorrow to see what other exciting things I get up too....though a trip to Aldi is on the agenda and we have to spend at least £40 for our voucher...which may be hard. 

Night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Here I go again

Not blogging...going to weigh in and gaining...using a title i have used on a previous blog and getting  a Whitesnake song stuck in my head....I need to stop this cycle before I end up being right back to my starting weight (maybe not the Whitesnake song though as I like that). Some of my good friends are losing consistently and creeping ever closer to their target and I am green with envy yet I seem to find being off the wagon easier than staying on. Infact I seem to be doing the reverse plan and gaining weight not losing in.

Being off work is not helping as my mood is unstable. Some days I am fine and other days I feel very down and instead if making the right choices I reach for the wrong. I don't really have a plan of action yet except I am going to keep trying my hardest to sort myself out. I am going to build bits of routine into my day as that may help. Even if its little things like regular walks with Doug, doing some studying, reading or gaming. Anything to stop the wallowing really.

I have also set myself a mini target for Christmas but I am not publicising it yet I want to see how the next few weeks go but I got an award before Christmas last year and I want to better that. I will be getting a countdown next week to help keep me on track too.

Today hasn't been a day of doing much, I took Doug out on a 20 minute walk which was good fun and since then I just relaxed and watched many episodes of Game of Thrones. The only other notable thing is Doug being told he is not eligible for the Halloween pageant as he is not a child :( I must admit I am sad as I reckon he would look epic dressed up! I actually really love Halloween (yes I am quite stereotypical) and will no doubt be watching my favourite Halloween/Christmas movie Nightmare Before Christmas next week.

Food wise it has been a good day though for some reason having 11.5 syns made my head go a little silly...for some reason I felt that was too much even though the recommended amount is 5-15. I generally...when on plan fully try and stick to 10 syns but maybe I do need to let myself have the flexibility to go to 15 if I feel I need/want them as it may keep me more stable and feel less restricted.

Breakfast started in superhero style...though really I should have had the superman bowl to go with the wonder woman mug seeing as they are dating.....yep superman isnt with lois lane....weird if you ask me. Anyway i digress the bowl has dorset simply fruity (HEB) with blueberries and yogurt and a chocolate coffee (HEA milk used throughout the day in many coffees)
Cheesy orzo using a tub of low low pepper and chilli (HEA and HEB) with courgettes, onions and mushrooms.
During the afternoon I was having quite a crisp craving however we have none in and I am bad with crisps so I decided to make some nice syn free sw chips and they definitely hit the spot.
Nommy dinner linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages roasties and a massive pile of veggie with 1.5 syns worth of gravy . Was gorgeous!
I used 10 syns on these for 'pudding' the danio is 3.5 the raisins are 3.5 and the little chocolate bar is 3.

Quite proud of my day today long may this continue....well at least until it goes from being a difficult process to a habit again. I am now going to watch more Game of Thrones night night all xoxo

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Double dose

So I didn't get the chance to blog last night as got back late from the girls. It was a really good night it's been far too long since I've seen them so it was fab to hang out and chat. It was just what the doctor ordered (maybe not literally) but it made me feel good to be out and about and having fun with the girls. 

During the day I didn't do much, mainly just relaxed on the sofa and catching up on Hollyoaks (darn you Kalli for getting me hooked again). I did get excited when the postman did Doug who insists on greeted everyone who comes to our door! But for once the postie was coming with a package from me from the lovely gorgeous friend for life sister from another mother Mitchy
She sent me some toasted cous cous, chocolate shower gel (which is literally good enough to eat) christmas pudding hifi's and a gorgeous purple tartan dress which I wore to the girls. It is such a fab dress and I am going to love wearing it so thankyou angel x

Food wise dinner was off plan but the rest of the day I was on the good old purple sparkly bus
Breakfast was a sausage and mushroom sub with cheese (HEB HEA and 1 syn) I do think I am a little bit hooked on this sandwich but its so tasty!
Lunch was chickpea dahl loaf, beans with spinach, shrooms and sw chips
Dinner was three slices of pizza some breaded onion rings, mushrooms and spring rolls and salad. Heavy on the syns but it was good and I could have eaten much more. I am glad I filled up on the salad and kept myself more controlled than I would have done a week ago.

On to today I had a bit of a lie (well 9am) and got up with Doug needing the loo. I was in an indecisive mood this morning as I had forgotten last night to get some fruit out the freezer so my breakfast plans had to be postponed (our dumb microwave died and the new shiny purple one hasn't arrived yet). I had a bit of a look around facebook and decided that some sort of cooked breakfast was needed so once I got myself moving I created this
Three quorn low fat sausages scrambled egg and veggies. This and coffee fortified me whilst murder became the issue of the day
Don't worry I wasn't plotting to kill anyone just my reading for my course ;) I actually had a productive morning finishing up the required reading so I could move onto the next stage
Writing my notes, once I am happy with my notes I will get to work on the 2500 study exercise....I have 5 of these to do so its good I felt motivated today. I am still itching at 10.18pm to go and do more but my sensible head is stopping me...that and watching Arsenal win :D 

Doug has had a busy day along with driving the bus he commenced his next toy destroying project and the destruction of tigersauraus has begun
He has had this toy since we moved here and I'm shocked it has lasted so long to be honest. 

The only other notable achievement today was finally managing to make the carrot and lentil soup from the little recipe book that came in the magazine before the current issue. It was gorgeous and makes tons
The recipe is really simple 400g of carrots chopped, one onion chopped 1.1 litres of water and a tsp of coriander oh and 200g of lentils..nearly forgot them. You chuck it all in a pan, bring to the boil for 10 minutes then simmer for 25. Then I blitzed it and served with some coriander on top too. 

This evening has been quiet I've been watching some TV and chatting to friends and attempting to write my blog but I am quite distracted this evening.

Dinner wise we had gorgeous bacon double cheese burgers...on plan and yum
Quorn bacon (2 slices for 1.5) two quorn red onion and beef style burgers which are free and 3 slices of low low cheese (HEA) plus a wholemeal roll (HEB).

I finished up the day with these
I finally tried the christmas pudding hifi bars thanks to Mitchy and they were gorgeous! I really liked them and more will be purchased when funds allow! I enjoyed having a danio yogurt again and due to the stupidly cold temperatures today I had to have a hot chocolate....literally the cold took my hands and forced me to make it. That and I could smell the chocolate Rich was eating and fancied some so out came the options.

And that's you all caught up and I'm now heading to bed...probably to have nightmares thanks Kalli ;)

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Catchup nerd queen pokemon and weigh in

I did plan to blog last night but ended up going to bed at 9.30 as was knackered.So this will now be a double dose of me....for which I apologise ;)

So first things first weigh in this week I maintained which I was not dissapointed with as I did have the naughty pizza. I do feel a lot more stable on the big shiny purple bus though so next week I am gunning for a loss! It's 10 weigh in's till christmas and I'd like to be back to where I was before it went a little bit off course...I need a good sat nav for my journey sometimes ;)

I started the day doing this
The Great British Bake Off aka food porn this show is dangerous but they make such yummy things on it. I contemplated what I fancied for breakfast and came up with this.
Quorn low fat sausages mushrooms and cheese in a sub roll (1.5 syns plus a HEB).

Once the bake off was over and I fortified myself a bit more with coffee I decided to get my nerd on and study.
Doug helped by keeping me company and sleeping. I actually managed to get a fair bit done before with the help of Classic FM who'd have thought that would be my study music...

Lunch came and I required warmth and soup was on the menu
I had two out of my three allowed babybel lights with their cute faces as was using another for dinner. I felt nice and warm inside so decided to go out for my daily walk with Doug as I clearly needed to be cold again...he enjoyed zooming around the park.
I didn't get much work done when I got home as tiredness hit so we spent time sitting watching The Gilmore Girls again.

Dinner was a joint effort as Rich helped make the burgers into a burger shape
The burgers are so simple just linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages defrosted made into burger shape and a babybel put in the middle. You then just cook them for 20 minutes.

The evening was spent playing Pokemon
with these noms to fortify me

Today has been a really lazy day as I was too tired to do anything the only real thing of note was discovering I had been doing myself out of bread. I normally just have two slices of wholebread bread from a 400g loaf but I had read about people weighing the bread and discovered that my two slices were 44g which meant I could have three for a heb and 0.5 syns so I did.
I had beans and chopped tomatoes on toast with and cheese.

Lunch was mystery soup which turned out to be minestrone and was yummy.
Dinner was a new recipe for me tonight balsamic quorn lamb with veggies and roasties and it was really nice...I was nervous about trying it but it was really tasty and went down well with Rich. The recipe is

Balsamic Quorn Lamb (credit to Tracy Cairns for the original recipe)

Bag of quorn lamb pieces
3 carrots, chopped (didn't have any so left out)
200g of mushrooms, sliced
1 red onion, chopped (used white)
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
230ml of beef stock (used veg stock)
78ml of balsamic vinegar
115ml of passata
2 tsp sweetener
salt and black pepper to season

I tried the method of lobbing it into the slow cooker turning it on after a stir and walking away. This method worked perfectly.

This evening I have mainly chatted to Mitchy and Donna and editing my asda shop a million times....seriously if there is someone out there who manages to do their online shop without editing it please tell me as I never manage it.

I am out being social tomorrow night at a friend's house for dinner so the blog will be updated will be an off plan dinner but one meal out of 21 meals bad does not ruin a good week :D

Night night all xoxo

Monday, 14 October 2013

Pokemon Queen

Little guys like this one have a lot to answer for this weekend (and are a good title for the blog thanks Mitchy x). The weekend has been consumed by playing Pokemon with the exception of yesterday when Rich got me to study instead of playing Pokemon. The game is addictive, fun and has produced many squeeeeeeees as we come across Pikachu, Snorlax and other favourites including a bulldog pokemon 
Seriously look at the snaggle on that one...he puts Doug to shame who can snaggle like a champ.

Apart from pokemon Saturday was a day where I could not be trusted with food...I put parsley in my coffee I poured soup in my hair (I still don't know how) and generally I was a danger to myself...we ended up having a flexi meal saturday night as we were so engrossed in gaming I forgot to go and get stuff to make dinner and didn't fancy pasta again. Just eat sent a strategic email (they are good...) and we ordered noms. I enjoyed it and ensured that I got right back on track Sunday morning.

Sunday was taken up with a visit to Sainsburys to stock up on quorn stuff and then attempting to up after an hour...then switching to reading comics before watching Downton Abbey and then playing a bit more pokemon before bed.
So food wise the weekend looked like this
Saturday was a mushroom and onion omelette (with parsley in it....once i remembered parsley does not go in coffee), speed soup then the flexi meal of a takeaway. It was good I enjoyed it but I was not going to allow it to ruin the work I have done.
Sunday started with dorset fruit muesli, banana and yogurt followed by lunch which was a sort of slimming world fry up with quorn bacon, quorn low fat sausages, scrambled eggs shrooms and sw chips. Dinner had to be sausage mash and gravy (linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages). I used up another HEX on funky halloween babybel (3 babybel lights with scary faces).

Today has been a lazy day I have mostly spent it watching TV mainly the new series of the biggest loser....boy the trainers are tough....and speaking to the doctors about my ongoing health problems. It has resulted in some blood tests and another week off work...I want to be back to normal so I hope they find something they can fix.

The only other excitement was an awesome call from my phone provider offering me a free Ipad which I couldn't refuse. I cannot wait for it to come and have a play.

Food wise it has been on plan and nommy...I didn't have breakfast this morning (naughty me but didn't fancy it) so straight onto lunch
Little obsessed with this meal at the moment, its nice and simple and quick! 

Dinner before and after I cooked it...not plate presentation as it went a bit odd looking on the plate but this is gorgeous slimming world lasagne with two HEX of cheese. I used macaroni cheese x2 for the topping to make it extra cheesy so it was 3 syns per portion.

For pudding whilst playing much Pokemon I had this
A chocolate mousse (3.5 syns) and nakd raisins (3.5 syns).

Thats it for me this evening, remember if you want to join in the fun and frolics on the big slimming world purple bus then click this LINK the group is fun the only rules are to be nice to each other otherwise the unicorns cry and we don't want that.