Thursday, 17 October 2013

Catchup nerd queen pokemon and weigh in

I did plan to blog last night but ended up going to bed at 9.30 as was knackered.So this will now be a double dose of me....for which I apologise ;)

So first things first weigh in this week I maintained which I was not dissapointed with as I did have the naughty pizza. I do feel a lot more stable on the big shiny purple bus though so next week I am gunning for a loss! It's 10 weigh in's till christmas and I'd like to be back to where I was before it went a little bit off course...I need a good sat nav for my journey sometimes ;)

I started the day doing this
The Great British Bake Off aka food porn this show is dangerous but they make such yummy things on it. I contemplated what I fancied for breakfast and came up with this.
Quorn low fat sausages mushrooms and cheese in a sub roll (1.5 syns plus a HEB).

Once the bake off was over and I fortified myself a bit more with coffee I decided to get my nerd on and study.
Doug helped by keeping me company and sleeping. I actually managed to get a fair bit done before with the help of Classic FM who'd have thought that would be my study music...

Lunch came and I required warmth and soup was on the menu
I had two out of my three allowed babybel lights with their cute faces as was using another for dinner. I felt nice and warm inside so decided to go out for my daily walk with Doug as I clearly needed to be cold again...he enjoyed zooming around the park.
I didn't get much work done when I got home as tiredness hit so we spent time sitting watching The Gilmore Girls again.

Dinner was a joint effort as Rich helped make the burgers into a burger shape
The burgers are so simple just linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages defrosted made into burger shape and a babybel put in the middle. You then just cook them for 20 minutes.

The evening was spent playing Pokemon
with these noms to fortify me

Today has been a really lazy day as I was too tired to do anything the only real thing of note was discovering I had been doing myself out of bread. I normally just have two slices of wholebread bread from a 400g loaf but I had read about people weighing the bread and discovered that my two slices were 44g which meant I could have three for a heb and 0.5 syns so I did.
I had beans and chopped tomatoes on toast with and cheese.

Lunch was mystery soup which turned out to be minestrone and was yummy.
Dinner was a new recipe for me tonight balsamic quorn lamb with veggies and roasties and it was really nice...I was nervous about trying it but it was really tasty and went down well with Rich. The recipe is

Balsamic Quorn Lamb (credit to Tracy Cairns for the original recipe)

Bag of quorn lamb pieces
3 carrots, chopped (didn't have any so left out)
200g of mushrooms, sliced
1 red onion, chopped (used white)
2 cloves of garlic, crushed
230ml of beef stock (used veg stock)
78ml of balsamic vinegar
115ml of passata
2 tsp sweetener
salt and black pepper to season

I tried the method of lobbing it into the slow cooker turning it on after a stir and walking away. This method worked perfectly.

This evening I have mainly chatted to Mitchy and Donna and editing my asda shop a million times....seriously if there is someone out there who manages to do their online shop without editing it please tell me as I never manage it.

I am out being social tomorrow night at a friend's house for dinner so the blog will be updated will be an off plan dinner but one meal out of 21 meals bad does not ruin a good week :D

Night night all xoxo

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