Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Facing the scales

I wasn't looking forward to facing the scales today. I really expected a gain as I had such a fall off the wagon but I was surprised to see the scales showing a maintain. We went to a different group today and it was really good fun. I have come out pumped for the week ahead and hopefully a nice loss next week. I even won the raffle which I never do and got this
I will certainly be putting them to use this week!

Apart from weigh in today has been a quietish sort of day with much sofa sitting and watching 24. We had a washing machine repair come today to see why our washing machine wouldn't drain and the verdict was this
Rich has decided it is my fault that a huge paperclip got lodged into the washing machine and I don't think I can argue with him as I suspect I did put it in there. 

I did fulfill my promise to Jen and took Doug out for a walk....in the rain....it wasn't raining when we went out stupid weather!
Doug enjoyed the walk and is now resting from his exertions...which apart from this walk has involved snoring.

Food wise it has been a good day on plan 

Food Diary
Mushroom sandwich (HEB plus 1 syn for 2tsps for the flora extra light)

Slimming world chips low fat quorn sausages and mushrooms and courgettes...it went down a treat. 

Tomato and quorn sausage pasta bake with HEA, HEB and 25g of cheese (4 syns). It was gorgeous after weigh in and worth the syns for the extra cheese.

A mint muller dessert (5 syns) taking my total to 10 for the day. My other healthy A was used for milk in teas and coffees. 

I am going to wrap the blog up here night night all xoxo

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