Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sleepy girl blogs

This will probably be a quick blog from me tonight as I have finally got around to watching the much hyped Game of Thrones and am getting rather hooked. In addition I haven't done a great deal today as wasn't feeling like a human being this morning. I had one of those annoying nights sleep where I woke up at 5am  felt wide awake but it was far too cold outside of the covers so I read for a bit...managed to fall back asleep and then felt knackered all day. This meant the day was spent on the sofa with the exception of a mini adventure to the park with Doug.
Yes Doug is in a swing...he may or may not have enjoyed it.

Food wise I am still very motivated from last night so had a good day on plan again...three days on trot now which I am happy with.

Food Diary
Aldi wholemeal sub roll (HEB + 1syn) filled with mushrooms and low fat quorn sausages. Instead of butter I used some low low spread. I didn't count it as I knew I'd be using the rest of the tub at lunch time.

Orzo with the rest of the low low (HEA and HEB) with courgettes and mushrooms. It was gorgeous

Mid afternoon snack
Syn free rice pudding with banana

It was a roast type of day which was free except the yorkshire puddings (4 syns for both). Rich had chicken instead of quorn roast however due to a slight accident I forgot to put his in the oven to he had to wait for his dinner.

Grapes and cadburys buttons (4 syns) taking the total to 9 other HEA was used in coffee/tea throughout the day.

Night night all xoxo

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  1. Mmm I like the idea of having an ickle packet of buttons to make last as long as possible!