Friday, 25 October 2013


Today hasn't been a great day mood wise, I have struggled all day with my mood not helped by trying to do finances on a lower than normal wage. I got really down about it especially when I looked online and saw friends out celebrating, buying things and generally getting on with their lives yet I am stuck in limbo land until I feel better. The thing is it stresses me out then I feel worse so really I need to relax and not stress....easier said than done. 

The mood further dropped when I ventured to Asda to get my quorn sausages to find as normal Asda lacking in quorn products that don't have huge syn values. I had a major grumpous attack but in the end just went to Sainsburys who never seem to have problems with stock...maybe I should just got there everytime it would save the steam and snarling ;)
These should last me for a while at least.

My mood did lift slightly when I met Rich from work and we ventured off to Aldi mainly because he always cheers me up. Neither of us can remember exactly what he did he was probably just being himself. He did scar me for life in Morrisons after that by showing me a very odd looking One Direction annual...I know they have their fans but their faces on the annual freaked me out. 

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be on better form and not so emo.

Food wise it has been simple today but good food
Looks a bit of a mess on the plate but three quorn sausages, quorn bacon (1.5) plum tomatoes, mushrooms and halloween spaghetti shapes.
Cheesey orzo using a whole tub of low low with mushrooms courgettes and onions
'Mitchy' curry which is a tin of chickpea dahl and a tin of chopped tomatoes with a tsp of curry powder. I added some extra mushrooms and courgettes. It was yummy and filling.
Chocolate mousse (3.5)

I am now going to go and play a bit of Pokemon and then head to bed.

Night night all xoxo


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