Thursday, 24 October 2013

Joffrey is a poopee head

Oh the maturity but if any of you have watched Game of Thrones then you will understand where I am coming from. I mean seriously he is so annoying!! Now Ned Stark aka Mr Sean Bean is not annoying.
So yes my productive day was in part taken up watching the rest of season 2 of Game of Thrones and understanding what the fuss is about. I did enjoy it and hope the third season gets repeated very soon so I can see what the red wedding was about. I did get up this morning with the intention to do a lot of studying but soon after breakfast I began to feel quite unwell and the dizzy spells kicked off quite badly so instead I had to sit on the sofa and head to Westeros. 

By mid aftenoon the dizziness calmed down a bit so I ventured outside for a walk with Doug. It was nice to be out and we met a gorgeous staffie called Milo who gave me many kisses. 

This evening I have been a proper productive nerd and did a fair bit of studying which was nice as I felt very motivated
Hopefully tomorrow I won't feel rubbish and will be able to do more whilst I'm in the swing of things. I could have gone on tonight but the blurry eyes was preventing me. Even a cup of this gorgeous stuff didn't keep me too awake.
Food wise it was a good day with some yummy noms and apart from a brief desire to eat junk food which passed it has felt nice to be on plan.
Breakfast was gorgeous I made omelette wraps by mixing 3 eggs and basil and then making thin omelette type things. Inside was quorn low fat sausages, onions, mushrooms and HEA of cheese. They were really tasty and kept me full for quite a while which was good as I had lunch late.
Doug fancied trying my lunch too but he didn't get too and instead fell asleep on the tray. The bowl contains speed soup which was really nice. I was still peckish after this so had some blueberries and yogurt
Mid afternoon I decided to have some more noms
Chocolate coffee and a christmas pudding hifi bar (HEB). For those new readers I generally use one HEA on 350ml of milk on many cups of coffee during the day. I definitely need my coffee during the day.
Dinner was gorgeous, brown rice with herbs in it broccoli and then a strogonoff type thing with onions courgettes and mushrooms. I made the sauce using 75g of garlic and herb philadelphia and some veg stock. It was so tasty and had tons of veggies in it. 

When I settled down to study I had some sweet snacks to nom on 
The gingerbread latte was 4.5 syns, the raisins and the mousse both 3.5 each taking my total to 11.5 for the day.

Join me again tomorrow to see what other exciting things I get up too....though a trip to Aldi is on the agenda and we have to spend at least £40 for our voucher...which may be hard. 

Night night all xoxo

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