Friday, 11 October 2013

Today is mainly brought to you by the food group....Pasta

Today has been one of those days where I have been in the grumps and not known exactly what I wanted to do/eat or anything during the day. I am not sure what brought the mood on but it has been quite a struggle today to not go and binge...infact there was a moment today where I stood with my wallet debating whether to go to the shop for food...I stopped myself and decided to find something to keep me busy (though didn't succeed doing much more than watch TV).

I did complete my daily task of going out for a walk with Doug which always makes me smile. We went to the park and pottered about. 
This evening we have watched Star Trek Into the Darkness which was jolly good and I enjoyed it...cannot wait for the next one. I am now going to go and find more pokemon.

Food Diary
Breakfast was fab, I had some potato left over from yesterday so chipped them and had it with the gorgeous low fat quorn sausages, baked beans, shrooms and scrambled eggs.

Good old cheesy orzo with a whole tub of low low mushrooms and onions

More pasta....I was being a bit indecisive and actually really wanted pizza but Rich kept me on track and as he fancied cheesy pasta I decided to get in on the act using a tin of asda chosen by you ratatouille (1.5 syns) added in some shrooms and chopped tomatoes and topped with my HEX of cheese. It filled a hole and stopped me being a bad girl. 

Chocolate mousse and nakd raisins (7 syns)

And now I will end the blog here and Rich wants me to play pokemon now!

Night night all xoxo

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