Saturday, 19 October 2013

Double dose

So I didn't get the chance to blog last night as got back late from the girls. It was a really good night it's been far too long since I've seen them so it was fab to hang out and chat. It was just what the doctor ordered (maybe not literally) but it made me feel good to be out and about and having fun with the girls. 

During the day I didn't do much, mainly just relaxed on the sofa and catching up on Hollyoaks (darn you Kalli for getting me hooked again). I did get excited when the postman did Doug who insists on greeted everyone who comes to our door! But for once the postie was coming with a package from me from the lovely gorgeous friend for life sister from another mother Mitchy
She sent me some toasted cous cous, chocolate shower gel (which is literally good enough to eat) christmas pudding hifi's and a gorgeous purple tartan dress which I wore to the girls. It is such a fab dress and I am going to love wearing it so thankyou angel x

Food wise dinner was off plan but the rest of the day I was on the good old purple sparkly bus
Breakfast was a sausage and mushroom sub with cheese (HEB HEA and 1 syn) I do think I am a little bit hooked on this sandwich but its so tasty!
Lunch was chickpea dahl loaf, beans with spinach, shrooms and sw chips
Dinner was three slices of pizza some breaded onion rings, mushrooms and spring rolls and salad. Heavy on the syns but it was good and I could have eaten much more. I am glad I filled up on the salad and kept myself more controlled than I would have done a week ago.

On to today I had a bit of a lie (well 9am) and got up with Doug needing the loo. I was in an indecisive mood this morning as I had forgotten last night to get some fruit out the freezer so my breakfast plans had to be postponed (our dumb microwave died and the new shiny purple one hasn't arrived yet). I had a bit of a look around facebook and decided that some sort of cooked breakfast was needed so once I got myself moving I created this
Three quorn low fat sausages scrambled egg and veggies. This and coffee fortified me whilst murder became the issue of the day
Don't worry I wasn't plotting to kill anyone just my reading for my course ;) I actually had a productive morning finishing up the required reading so I could move onto the next stage
Writing my notes, once I am happy with my notes I will get to work on the 2500 study exercise....I have 5 of these to do so its good I felt motivated today. I am still itching at 10.18pm to go and do more but my sensible head is stopping me...that and watching Arsenal win :D 

Doug has had a busy day along with driving the bus he commenced his next toy destroying project and the destruction of tigersauraus has begun
He has had this toy since we moved here and I'm shocked it has lasted so long to be honest. 

The only other notable achievement today was finally managing to make the carrot and lentil soup from the little recipe book that came in the magazine before the current issue. It was gorgeous and makes tons
The recipe is really simple 400g of carrots chopped, one onion chopped 1.1 litres of water and a tsp of coriander oh and 200g of lentils..nearly forgot them. You chuck it all in a pan, bring to the boil for 10 minutes then simmer for 25. Then I blitzed it and served with some coriander on top too. 

This evening has been quiet I've been watching some TV and chatting to friends and attempting to write my blog but I am quite distracted this evening.

Dinner wise we had gorgeous bacon double cheese burgers...on plan and yum
Quorn bacon (2 slices for 1.5) two quorn red onion and beef style burgers which are free and 3 slices of low low cheese (HEA) plus a wholemeal roll (HEB).

I finished up the day with these
I finally tried the christmas pudding hifi bars thanks to Mitchy and they were gorgeous! I really liked them and more will be purchased when funds allow! I enjoyed having a danio yogurt again and due to the stupidly cold temperatures today I had to have a hot chocolate....literally the cold took my hands and forced me to make it. That and I could smell the chocolate Rich was eating and fancied some so out came the options.

And that's you all caught up and I'm now heading to bed...probably to have nightmares thanks Kalli ;)

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