Thursday, 10 October 2013

Got to catch them all....

Life as I know it is now over....gone are evenings in front of the TV instead I will be battling trainers across the globe trying to collect all the pokemon...including ensuring I get a Pikachu my favourite! Yes I have become a gaming nerd and have briefly interrupted my gaming to write my blog before going back to just do a bit more....why oh why do I think me and Rich may go to bed late tonight due to this....

Today has been a mixed day, I did intend to do some studying but got distracted in Asda by food (all on plan food) I did have a moment where I was wondering around and was tempted to pick up naughty food as I passed doughnuts, nutella and crisps but instead I treated myself to some cheese flavoured Ryvita's and some of the old make of the wholegrain ones before they become sucky and less fibre like. I got home and felt quite rough after probably too much excitement in Asda...well the cheese was only £2 and I do like my cheese....on toast, in my mouth but not on my feet...thats just wrong. 

Once I settled down a bit and felt a brief moment of wellness me and Doug decided the park was in order....he felt the urge to go up a slide...and then refuse to come down it
He climbed the thing for some mad reason but no King Doug had to be carried back down from the slide. I then decided to see if he liked the swing
He didn't...infact he got a tad annoyed that it kept moving whenever he tried to get the treat he dropped underneath his head. He is a funny thing. We had a bit of ball throwing and throwing Doug running past the ball back to me with a big grin on his face...meaning I had to retrieve said ball. I'm not sure he gets the game. It was a fun trot to the park but it was shortlived as I began to feel crappier.

The afternoon was taken up with Lizard Lick Towing (amazing show) and The Gilmore Girls and I attempted some reading.
As normal Doug tried to assist but he only understands canine criminal law so instead he decided it was a good resting post.

Food wise I have been a slimming world angel again (Day four) and feeling good about it. A week ago I certainly would not have walked out of the shop without junk food.

Food Diary
Overnight oats which is layers of porridge oats (35g HEB) fruit and yogurt...left to soak overnight. It's simple and handy for work and the porridge goes nice and fluffy.

Quorn roast and pickle sandwich (HEB plus 2.5 syns for the bread and 1 syn for the pickle) followed by fruit.

Big mac in a bowl (HEA plus 2 syns) and slimming world chips on a plate...I love this meal its so easy to make and tastes amazing.

Asda 40% reduced fat mousse (3.5 syns) taking my total to 9 for the day.

I am now returning to the Pokemon world to find more cuties


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    1. slight technical error ;) should be there now