Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Here I go again

Not blogging...going to weigh in and gaining...using a title i have used on a previous blog and getting  a Whitesnake song stuck in my head....I need to stop this cycle before I end up being right back to my starting weight (maybe not the Whitesnake song though as I like that). Some of my good friends are losing consistently and creeping ever closer to their target and I am green with envy yet I seem to find being off the wagon easier than staying on. Infact I seem to be doing the reverse plan and gaining weight not losing in.

Being off work is not helping as my mood is unstable. Some days I am fine and other days I feel very down and instead if making the right choices I reach for the wrong. I don't really have a plan of action yet except I am going to keep trying my hardest to sort myself out. I am going to build bits of routine into my day as that may help. Even if its little things like regular walks with Doug, doing some studying, reading or gaming. Anything to stop the wallowing really.

I have also set myself a mini target for Christmas but I am not publicising it yet I want to see how the next few weeks go but I got an award before Christmas last year and I want to better that. I will be getting a countdown next week to help keep me on track too.

Today hasn't been a day of doing much, I took Doug out on a 20 minute walk which was good fun and since then I just relaxed and watched many episodes of Game of Thrones. The only other notable thing is Doug being told he is not eligible for the Halloween pageant as he is not a child :( I must admit I am sad as I reckon he would look epic dressed up! I actually really love Halloween (yes I am quite stereotypical) and will no doubt be watching my favourite Halloween/Christmas movie Nightmare Before Christmas next week.

Food wise it has been a good day though for some reason having 11.5 syns made my head go a little silly...for some reason I felt that was too much even though the recommended amount is 5-15. I generally...when on plan fully try and stick to 10 syns but maybe I do need to let myself have the flexibility to go to 15 if I feel I need/want them as it may keep me more stable and feel less restricted.

Breakfast started in superhero style...though really I should have had the superman bowl to go with the wonder woman mug seeing as they are dating.....yep superman isnt with lois lane....weird if you ask me. Anyway i digress the bowl has dorset simply fruity (HEB) with blueberries and yogurt and a chocolate coffee (HEA milk used throughout the day in many coffees)
Cheesy orzo using a tub of low low pepper and chilli (HEA and HEB) with courgettes, onions and mushrooms.
During the afternoon I was having quite a crisp craving however we have none in and I am bad with crisps so I decided to make some nice syn free sw chips and they definitely hit the spot.
Nommy dinner linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages roasties and a massive pile of veggie with 1.5 syns worth of gravy . Was gorgeous!
I used 10 syns on these for 'pudding' the danio is 3.5 the raisins are 3.5 and the little chocolate bar is 3.

Quite proud of my day today long may this continue....well at least until it goes from being a difficult process to a habit again. I am now going to watch more Game of Thrones night night all xoxo

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