Monday, 14 October 2013

Pokemon Queen

Little guys like this one have a lot to answer for this weekend (and are a good title for the blog thanks Mitchy x). The weekend has been consumed by playing Pokemon with the exception of yesterday when Rich got me to study instead of playing Pokemon. The game is addictive, fun and has produced many squeeeeeeees as we come across Pikachu, Snorlax and other favourites including a bulldog pokemon 
Seriously look at the snaggle on that one...he puts Doug to shame who can snaggle like a champ.

Apart from pokemon Saturday was a day where I could not be trusted with food...I put parsley in my coffee I poured soup in my hair (I still don't know how) and generally I was a danger to myself...we ended up having a flexi meal saturday night as we were so engrossed in gaming I forgot to go and get stuff to make dinner and didn't fancy pasta again. Just eat sent a strategic email (they are good...) and we ordered noms. I enjoyed it and ensured that I got right back on track Sunday morning.

Sunday was taken up with a visit to Sainsburys to stock up on quorn stuff and then attempting to up after an hour...then switching to reading comics before watching Downton Abbey and then playing a bit more pokemon before bed.
So food wise the weekend looked like this
Saturday was a mushroom and onion omelette (with parsley in it....once i remembered parsley does not go in coffee), speed soup then the flexi meal of a takeaway. It was good I enjoyed it but I was not going to allow it to ruin the work I have done.
Sunday started with dorset fruit muesli, banana and yogurt followed by lunch which was a sort of slimming world fry up with quorn bacon, quorn low fat sausages, scrambled eggs shrooms and sw chips. Dinner had to be sausage mash and gravy (linda mccartney rosemary and red onion sausages). I used up another HEX on funky halloween babybel (3 babybel lights with scary faces).

Today has been a lazy day I have mostly spent it watching TV mainly the new series of the biggest loser....boy the trainers are tough....and speaking to the doctors about my ongoing health problems. It has resulted in some blood tests and another week off work...I want to be back to normal so I hope they find something they can fix.

The only other excitement was an awesome call from my phone provider offering me a free Ipad which I couldn't refuse. I cannot wait for it to come and have a play.

Food wise it has been on plan and nommy...I didn't have breakfast this morning (naughty me but didn't fancy it) so straight onto lunch
Little obsessed with this meal at the moment, its nice and simple and quick! 

Dinner before and after I cooked it...not plate presentation as it went a bit odd looking on the plate but this is gorgeous slimming world lasagne with two HEX of cheese. I used macaroni cheese x2 for the topping to make it extra cheesy so it was 3 syns per portion.

For pudding whilst playing much Pokemon I had this
A chocolate mousse (3.5 syns) and nakd raisins (3.5 syns).

Thats it for me this evening, remember if you want to join in the fun and frolics on the big slimming world purple bus then click this LINK the group is fun the only rules are to be nice to each other otherwise the unicorns cry and we don't want that.

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