Thursday, 27 June 2013


This morning me and Rich managed to sleep in and woke up with a jolt at 7.35 realising that we should have been out of the door 5 minutes before to get Rich to work on time so my brain has not quite been on full power today. I decided as the weather was so nice it was time for another adventure with Doug so we headed of to a local estate called Ashton Court to have a wander around. I thought I would share some pictures of our walk with you (lots of Doug as normal).

The last one is my favourite. We didn't walk a lot but Doug got to play with a lot of dogs and adventure through some lovely areas. We even saw some deer in one of the deer parks which was cool. Just over 2 miles walked and if the weather holds out we may go again tomorrow and explore the woods.

Food wise I was on two meals again today as I wasn't hungry when I got back from the walk.

Omelette with courgettes, onions and mushrooms. Rich thought this was a pizza and I know some people have made pizza style omelettes...may have to try that sometime. 

Dinner was inspired by Mitchy's blog last night and I decided to make risotto in the slow cooker. It worked pretty well I just chucked in 175g of arborio rice with 1 1/2 pints of vegetable stock and put it on high for 3 hours. Once it was cooked I stirred in 75g of garlic and herb philadelphia and added some mushrooms and courgettes. I topped it with more cheese and served it with rocket. It was gorgeous and I will have it again.

I have spent most of the evening reliving my younger days watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer love this show and we have netflix on a trial so I am enjoying watching it. Angel <3

Tomorrow is my last week day of non working for hopefully a good few weeks. I have an appointment at the job centre first thing which I think will be a quick one (or at least I hope so) then a shopping run and adventures with Doug.

Night night all xoxo

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Returning to losing ways

Sometimes Wednesday's don't come around quick enough in my opinion especially when you have been on the purple bus and stuck to the plan. Luckily today was weigh in day and I am pleased to announce I lost 3lbs which I am happy with. I have not only stuck to the plan this week I have also upped my exercise substantially (how happy Doug is with this you would have to ask him...right now he is snoring).

Today has not been a bad day...not big adventures for me and the boy think he is still tired from yesterday but I did get the good news confirming I am starting working again Monday. It is a temporary position so I do not know how long it will last but it will be good to be back to working and in a routine. I will still be job hunting manically as I have been doing but I also plan to go on more adventures with Doug tomorrow. 

Food wise I have been on plan today and even though I had a very naughty dinner I had ensured this was within my syns. It is my lovely man's birthday today and he chose the dinner. 


This is overnight oats which is something I had seen on instagram so decided to give it a go. You layer fruit yogurt and oats and leave it overnight. It was really really tasty and the oats were nice and soft.

At lunch I wasn't overly hungry 

I had 6 ryvita wholegrain crackers (heb) and 5 laughing cow triangles (hea). In the pot is beetroot and carrot salad. 

Dinner.....this was bad food. Rich wanted chip shop chips so I obliged and in addition I had some white bread. The downside to this dinner was that it was very greasy and my stomach isn't entirely happy with it and wants me to go and eat lettuce now to make it feel better. Unfortunately no picture as Doug was on a I am going to steal mum's dinner mission so had to keep telling him off and I forgot to get my shot in.

Join me again tomorrow for more yummy noms and I am looking forward to the week ahead. I have a busy weekend but I will be on plan and have already thought ahead to sunday and what I can have if I require food.

Finally a bit of a shout out here to my lovely Mitchy who you can normally find at The Slimmingworld files big squishes hunny xx 

Night night and unicorn sparkles and love and luck for the week ahead

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lunch deja vu and fantastic surprises

Hello my lovely readers as promised today's blog will be slightly more interesting that yesterdays or at least I hope so ;)

I didn't wake up in the best of moods this morning unfortunately, the grumps had descended as I was finding the job hunt frustrating. Getting turned down for jobs for no good reason or because I'm over qualified. I dropped Rich of at work and headed home to commence a morning of job hunting and cuddling Doug. I did get a few promising calls which helped my mood and applied for a few more jobs so fingers crossed. 

My mood was instantly lifted by the arrival of the postman bringing my this

You see before you a bottle of unicorn sparkles sent to me by the fantastic Mitchy. She is such a fantastic friend and this really put a smile on my face. This will definitely be my good luck charm :D

I also got a new phone cover through the post that I had been waiting a week or so for (ordered pre job loss to cheer me up)

Once the excitement of the postie bringing such lovely stuff had calmed down and I'd finished lunch me and Doug set off on an adventure to Crox Bottom

Crox Bottom is a random little area just off a main road that runs by our house. Me and Doug had a fun time adventuring and I decided to share some pictures of our adventure

By the end of the walk me and Doug were pooped
We managed to walk over 3 miles on our adventure and Doug had a fab time he is completely knackered now though

I am certainly enjoying spending this time with Doug and going of on our little adventures, next time I will probably venture of somewhere in the car with him and see what else we can explore. 

Once our adventure was over we picked Rich up from work and came home and relaxed whilst Rich played his game...his game has a tree in it with glasses on. Why the tree is wearing glasses I do not know. 

Food wise it's been a good day except again I did not fancy breakfast again and lunch was basically what I had yesterday.

Cheesy orzo with courgettes, shrooms and onions, one of my favourite combos which won't surprise you considering how often I have it!

Dinner was a new recipe for us and it was a great success (even Rich anti salad man cleared his plate). I decide to try Big Mac in a bowl...or in my case on a plate. 

If you want to try it the recipe is as follows: - 


Mince - either extra lean or quorn mince
Cheese - grated or low low slices
Salt and pepper
Iceburg lettuce

  1. Chop iceburg lettuce and gherkins, mix and put on a plate.
  2. Fry mince, onions salt and white pepper until cooked. I also added some onion and garlic granules
  3. Place cooked mince on lettuce mixture
  4. Add 1-2 tbsp of kraft fat free thousand island dressing (1 syn per tbsp)
  5. Add cheese on top
  6. Serve with sw chips 
For pudding I had some of the rice pudding I made last night along with bananas and the activia banana toffee yogurt. I sprinkled some chocolate and vanilla pasta on top which is 2 1/2 tsp for a syn. Its really hand to have around

Tomorrow is weigh in but we will be popping to the earlier group as it is my lovely man's 28th birthday tomorrow so I want to spend the evening with him. I will be mainly baking cakes for him tomorrow. Hopefully the scales will show a loss for me.

Night night all xoxo

Monday, 24 June 2013

Cheesy Monday

So despite the promise that I would try and be more interesting today I haven't really done much to shout about. I got up dropped Rich off at work and then came home to commence the job hunt.

I did have a telephone interview today for a temp position so fingers crossed! I should find out in the next couple of days. 

Apart from that me and Rich have been watching lots of Arrested Development which we have just discovered, It's such an excellent show so if you get an opportunity to watch it I'd recommend it. 

I wasn't in the mood for breakfast this morning which was unusual for me so my first meal was at lunch time and you will not be surprised by it

Cheesy orzo with courgettes and mushrooms, it was really tasty but then you can't go wrong with cheesy orzo ;)

Dinner was bacon double cheeseburgers....don't worry they were slimming world friendly and also veggie friendly as I used quorn burgers and quorn bacon.

After not having breakfast the munchies kicked in so I had two puddings...on plan

Chocolate mousse followed by rice pudding with an activia banana toffee yogurt stirred in and banana.

I have experimented for breakfast tomorrow which will hopefully work! Thats me done for today though night night all xoxo

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hungry Sunday

Today has not been the most active of days, I have mainly been sitting and watching films and discussing becoming queen with Mitchy. I also tried to convince Doug to take over the planet
He is considering this option at the moment. In amongst his sitting and sleeping...

I honestly have done very little today...I did attempt a bath but the water was cold and therefore I wasn't in there long but did get to read a bit more of Les Miserables

I will move onto the food of the day as Doug is demanding proper snuggles which means I can't do anything typing wise but it's oh so cute and I can't say no.


Monster aldi sub (75g so heb and 1.5 syns) with low fat quorn sausages mushrooms and low low cheese...if you haven't tried them then I'd really recommend them you get two in a pack for 39p.


Under the mound of vegetables (courgettes, onions and mushrooms) is cheesy orzo. I followed this up with some fruit and yogurt

The munchies hit early evening and I wanted crisps so instead I decided to work on dinner

and it was a monster. On the plate is quorn roast, lots of veggies, roasties and two yorkies (4 syns) and the gravy was 1.5 syns.

I followed it up with this

I have also had a cheese toastie as still had the munchies so went over my syns for the day but it's okay as have been under 15 all week. 

Thats all from me today I will try and be a bit more entertaining tomorrow...think me and Doug are going to go out on an adventure somewhere. Night night all xoxo

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Today will be known as 'Fit' day

To coin a phrase from my lovely friend and fellow geek Donna there has been some things today that can only be described as Fit. It is a word that can be used to describe good food...or good men. 

The man in the picture is Henry Cavill and as you can see he is Superman. This morning me and Rich went to see Man of Steel for the second time and it was even better this time. I was a huge Superman fan as a kid but he did get replaced recently by Batman as the films haven't been fab recently though the last one wasn't awful it's just Batman has been far superior. Batman is now back to being second in my eyes ;)

When we got back from the cinema I had to urge to watch more films containing this man so settled down to Immortals which was good and gory in places. I also enjoyed a can of Monster at the same time 

Apart from my movie watching antics today I haven't done much else, when we got back from the cinema me and Doug went out for a quick stroll

but he was a pretty tired boy  so we weren't out for as long as we have been and when we got back he assumed this position.

Food wise I have had my third day fully on the bus without any unscheduled stops and I've had some yummy meals today starting with magic waffles and fruit for breakfast

Lunch was leftovers from the baked bean lasagne mix with extra mushrooms and healthy extra of cheese on top. I served this with orzo which I am addicted to at the moment.

For dinner I took advantage of my desire to spend time prepping a meal and with the assistance of my lovely other half we had sw style kfc I had mine with quorn fillets sliced up

The mix for the kfc is 1tbsp of garlic granules, 1tbsp of mixed herbs and then 1/2 tsp of garlic, paprika and onion granules. I added this to my healthy extra bread which I had toasted then whizzed into breadcrumbs. I had soaked my quorn fillets in a mix of veg stock and an egg, Rich had chicken so his was done in an egg and chicken bovril paste. We also did some mushrooms which were coated in the same mix. I made a dip from quark, garlic granules and 2tbsp of light mayonaise. The beans were on the side as ran out of space on my plate.

I finished my day up with a mix of 8 syns for a chocolate mousse and mikado and some fruit as I am trying to have superfree with my syns at the moment.

Tomorrow is Sunday and usually the night is my danger zone as I used to dread heading into work but the good thing is I don't have that issue this week so hopefully I won't decide to sabotage myself. 

Night night all xoxo

Friday, 21 June 2013

Geek Friday

So Friday's for me and Rich tend to involve a movie and we take it in turns to choose the movie. Last week we watched Les Miserables this week it was Superman vs The Elite a band of supposed heroes who were willing to kill which is never good. It was a good film and good prep for our second Man of Steel viewing tomorrow...I do love a bit of Superman and I am currently modelling my superman pj's.

Today started slightly earlier than yesterday when I woke up before Rich's alarm went off. I decided to go and wake Doug and then come back to bed with some coffee to start on my next book. I decided to give reading Les Miserables a read as I love the musical and so far its enjoyable....only 33 hours left to go according to my kindle. I guess it is a good thing I don't currently have a job ;)

On the subject of jobs I have got a telephone interview Monday for a temporary role which may be anything from a week to eight weeks so fingers crossed. I'd prefer a permanent role but it pays the bills.

Apart from the job hunting it has been a bit of a lazy day, I did my usual swing by the websites and then settled down to watch The Help which was good, I had read the book recently so decided to give the film a go. I enjoyed it and it was pretty close to the book. I have also been watching Elizabeth recommended by Mitchy which is good and does have the delightful Joseph Fiennes. Me and Doug did decide to go on another adventure today. It took me a while to get him to sit still for this picture but he looked so cute!

Not quite as far as yesterday but it was pretty hot out and this one including some up hill stuff. We got stopped a few times and I did the proud mum part when people said Doug was beautiful or handsome. One awesome man with red eyes (contacts) loved him and Doug was his usual happy self. 

Food wise it's been a hungry but good day. I had been shopping to aldi yesterday so made sure I stocked up on their sub rolls so once I got back from dropping Rich off at work I sorted one out

I took out some of the stuffing so this roll was 75g (heb plus 1.5 syns) and stuffed it with quorn low fat sausages, mushrooms and low low cheese. When you see something like this it does make you question whether your on a 'diet' but it was amazing. 

Lunch was inspired by the wonderful Mitchy's blog from earlier in the week and I decided to have some sort of enchilada thingum

I made some very thin omelettes and then stuffed them with some of the leftover baked bean lasagna mix then topped with cheese and baked in the oven. The munchies were still there after lunch so I decided to have some fruit and yogurt.

Once Rich was safely picked up from work I got cracking on dinner which was yummy mayflower curry packed with mushrooms, onions and courgette and served this with sw chips.

I followed this up with more fruit and a chocolate mousse taking my syn total to 10.5 today

At the time of writing this I still have the munchies and I have decided to have some more food but instead of reaching for bread or chocolate I have popped some quorn sausages and mushrooms in the oven nice and syn free and adding some superfree in there too...I best get some halo polish soon if I can keep this up all week :D

No picture of my final noms as they are still cooking night night all xoxo