Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hungry Sunday

Today has not been the most active of days, I have mainly been sitting and watching films and discussing becoming queen with Mitchy. I also tried to convince Doug to take over the planet
He is considering this option at the moment. In amongst his sitting and sleeping...

I honestly have done very little today...I did attempt a bath but the water was cold and therefore I wasn't in there long but did get to read a bit more of Les Miserables

I will move onto the food of the day as Doug is demanding proper snuggles which means I can't do anything typing wise but it's oh so cute and I can't say no.


Monster aldi sub (75g so heb and 1.5 syns) with low fat quorn sausages mushrooms and low low cheese...if you haven't tried them then I'd really recommend them you get two in a pack for 39p.


Under the mound of vegetables (courgettes, onions and mushrooms) is cheesy orzo. I followed this up with some fruit and yogurt

The munchies hit early evening and I wanted crisps so instead I decided to work on dinner

and it was a monster. On the plate is quorn roast, lots of veggies, roasties and two yorkies (4 syns) and the gravy was 1.5 syns.

I followed it up with this

I have also had a cheese toastie as still had the munchies so went over my syns for the day but it's okay as have been under 15 all week. 

Thats all from me today I will try and be a bit more entertaining tomorrow...think me and Doug are going to go out on an adventure somewhere. Night night all xoxo

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