Saturday, 8 June 2013

Very lazy day

Today has been a really lazy day, unfortunately I had a bad nights sleep as my hands were acting up so I finally gave up and got up about 8 and wombled downstairs whilst Rich and Doug continued sleeping. I started my morning the only way I know!

I honestly haven't done much at all today except text Mitchy and work through some recorded TV. I finally got around to watching the several weeks of Revenge I had recorded and enjoyed that whilst relaxing with the now awake Rich and Doug.

I am now whiling away the evening watching Finding Nemo and doing not much else. I did have the excitement of my graze box turning up today

I haven't had them in a while and was very happy to see cheddar gorge and the herby one in there. 

Food wise I think I have had a pretty good day, I was conscious that yesterdays flexi meal may have made my head go weird and I'd crash the bus but I stayed glued on it as I want to see a loss Wednesday.

Breakfast was actually gorgeous

The sausages are the quorn low fat ones I wanted to make sure I got some decent superfree in so had some plum tomatoes and mushrooms (5 mushrooms infact). I also added some tomato puree to my spaghetti to give it a more tomatoey taste. It was so good I may have to have similar tomorrow morning.

Lunch was a bit of a chucked together affair as the only thing I knew was that I wanted pasta and feta

I layered the bowl with baby spinach and cooked off some orzo. Whilst this was cooking I fried off some onions mushrooms and courgettes. Once they were all done I stirred in half tub of low low and then chucked it all on top of the spinach. I topped it with 45g of feta and some plum tomatoes.

I got the mid afternoon munchies and decided that the only cure was fruit and yogurt

Dinner was an idea borrowed from Mitchy 

I will dub this the Mitchy curry it is a tin of chickpea dahl and a tin of chopped tomatoes mixed together. I also added a tsp of extra curry powder for taste. In addition I had more courgettes, mushrooms and onions (okay I have them a lot but they are gorgeous). The rice was curry savory rice which I like a lot.

Once this was consumed I was tempted by Mitchy to switch over and watched a show about hoarders and we spent the show discussing just how bad it was. I did have the urge to clean afterwards. 

Whilst enjoying Finding Nemo I had my final healthy extra and some other snackage

The ryvita crispbreads were 5 syns and the graze box were 4.5 taking my total to a reasonable 10.5. 

I have also managed to put away 4 litres of water today not too shabby.

Now its reached the crucial part of the movie where Nemo has gone down the drain so I will bid you goodnight xoxo

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