Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Lunch deja vu and fantastic surprises

Hello my lovely readers as promised today's blog will be slightly more interesting that yesterdays or at least I hope so ;)

I didn't wake up in the best of moods this morning unfortunately, the grumps had descended as I was finding the job hunt frustrating. Getting turned down for jobs for no good reason or because I'm over qualified. I dropped Rich of at work and headed home to commence a morning of job hunting and cuddling Doug. I did get a few promising calls which helped my mood and applied for a few more jobs so fingers crossed. 

My mood was instantly lifted by the arrival of the postman bringing my this

You see before you a bottle of unicorn sparkles sent to me by the fantastic Mitchy. She is such a fantastic friend and this really put a smile on my face. This will definitely be my good luck charm :D

I also got a new phone cover through the post that I had been waiting a week or so for (ordered pre job loss to cheer me up)

Once the excitement of the postie bringing such lovely stuff had calmed down and I'd finished lunch me and Doug set off on an adventure to Crox Bottom

Crox Bottom is a random little area just off a main road that runs by our house. Me and Doug had a fun time adventuring and I decided to share some pictures of our adventure

By the end of the walk me and Doug were pooped
We managed to walk over 3 miles on our adventure and Doug had a fab time he is completely knackered now though

I am certainly enjoying spending this time with Doug and going of on our little adventures, next time I will probably venture of somewhere in the car with him and see what else we can explore. 

Once our adventure was over we picked Rich up from work and came home and relaxed whilst Rich played his game...his game has a tree in it with glasses on. Why the tree is wearing glasses I do not know. 

Food wise it's been a good day except again I did not fancy breakfast again and lunch was basically what I had yesterday.

Cheesy orzo with courgettes, shrooms and onions, one of my favourite combos which won't surprise you considering how often I have it!

Dinner was a new recipe for us and it was a great success (even Rich anti salad man cleared his plate). I decide to try Big Mac in a bowl...or in my case on a plate. 

If you want to try it the recipe is as follows: - 


Mince - either extra lean or quorn mince
Cheese - grated or low low slices
Salt and pepper
Iceburg lettuce

  1. Chop iceburg lettuce and gherkins, mix and put on a plate.
  2. Fry mince, onions salt and white pepper until cooked. I also added some onion and garlic granules
  3. Place cooked mince on lettuce mixture
  4. Add 1-2 tbsp of kraft fat free thousand island dressing (1 syn per tbsp)
  5. Add cheese on top
  6. Serve with sw chips 
For pudding I had some of the rice pudding I made last night along with bananas and the activia banana toffee yogurt. I sprinkled some chocolate and vanilla pasta on top which is 2 1/2 tsp for a syn. Its really hand to have around

Tomorrow is weigh in but we will be popping to the earlier group as it is my lovely man's 28th birthday tomorrow so I want to spend the evening with him. I will be mainly baking cakes for him tomorrow. Hopefully the scales will show a loss for me.

Night night all xoxo

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