Thursday, 20 June 2013

Day One - the return of the purple bus

Captains Log stardate 105833...oh hang on I'm not a member of the star fleet enterprise but infact a fully paid up season ticket holder of the big purple bus.

I actually feel really good today, the old slightly bonkers me has reemerged and nothing is getting me down even the fact that I found a grey hair is not going to annoy me...I just need to dye it!

It's actually been quite a busy day today once I dropped Rich of at work I headed to an employment agency who wanted to chat to me about a temp role. It sounded very promising so my CV has been sent off. It's a company I would like to work for so if I can make a good impression you never know. I also applied for a fair few more jobs too. In addition I also did domestic chores...well I went food shopping and put it away but that was enough domesticity for me ;).

I had promised Doug we would go on a bit of an adventure today, it had been nearly three walks since I had been able to walk him so it was fun to get out.

We went to discover what was up a little path we had gone by several times...there wasn't anything fun there in the end but it was a nice walk and we did quite a distance

Food wise it has been a perfect plan day, I started the day with dorset fruit muesli and mixed berries

For lunch I decided on cheesy orzo with half a tub of low low stirred in, I also mixed in some courgettes mushrooms and onions.

Taking advantage of having a bit more spare time at the moment I actually prepared a decent meal for us for dinner. I decided on baked bean lasagne with added mushrooms, courgettes and peppers along with a side salad. The topping was cottage cheese with a healthy extra of cheese on top. The salad had a tbsp of light mayonaise stirred in for 2 syns.

I rounded off the day with a chocolate mousse mikado and fruit taking my total to 10 syns

So thats day one under my belt long may this new angelic side continue. 

On a final note I saw this on our groups facebook page today (thanks Claire)

Night night all xoxo


  1. Love the picture at the end! So glad you're back on our awesome bus! xx

    1. thanks hunni xx I am here to stay this time xx only 21 days!

  2. I may well copy your entire menu today. It looks so nice. Oh Doug stands so well. He is so lovely. His fans will be happy. Xx

    1. it was fab food today I really enjoyed it and enjoyed being on plan too xxx

  3. so glad your back and hope all goes well on the jobs will send a prayer out to karen that something comes up good for you , great food again and doug looks a cutie out walking bet you get stopped alot with him x