Friday, 21 June 2013

Geek Friday

So Friday's for me and Rich tend to involve a movie and we take it in turns to choose the movie. Last week we watched Les Miserables this week it was Superman vs The Elite a band of supposed heroes who were willing to kill which is never good. It was a good film and good prep for our second Man of Steel viewing tomorrow...I do love a bit of Superman and I am currently modelling my superman pj's.

Today started slightly earlier than yesterday when I woke up before Rich's alarm went off. I decided to go and wake Doug and then come back to bed with some coffee to start on my next book. I decided to give reading Les Miserables a read as I love the musical and so far its enjoyable....only 33 hours left to go according to my kindle. I guess it is a good thing I don't currently have a job ;)

On the subject of jobs I have got a telephone interview Monday for a temporary role which may be anything from a week to eight weeks so fingers crossed. I'd prefer a permanent role but it pays the bills.

Apart from the job hunting it has been a bit of a lazy day, I did my usual swing by the websites and then settled down to watch The Help which was good, I had read the book recently so decided to give the film a go. I enjoyed it and it was pretty close to the book. I have also been watching Elizabeth recommended by Mitchy which is good and does have the delightful Joseph Fiennes. Me and Doug did decide to go on another adventure today. It took me a while to get him to sit still for this picture but he looked so cute!

Not quite as far as yesterday but it was pretty hot out and this one including some up hill stuff. We got stopped a few times and I did the proud mum part when people said Doug was beautiful or handsome. One awesome man with red eyes (contacts) loved him and Doug was his usual happy self. 

Food wise it's been a hungry but good day. I had been shopping to aldi yesterday so made sure I stocked up on their sub rolls so once I got back from dropping Rich off at work I sorted one out

I took out some of the stuffing so this roll was 75g (heb plus 1.5 syns) and stuffed it with quorn low fat sausages, mushrooms and low low cheese. When you see something like this it does make you question whether your on a 'diet' but it was amazing. 

Lunch was inspired by the wonderful Mitchy's blog from earlier in the week and I decided to have some sort of enchilada thingum

I made some very thin omelettes and then stuffed them with some of the leftover baked bean lasagna mix then topped with cheese and baked in the oven. The munchies were still there after lunch so I decided to have some fruit and yogurt.

Once Rich was safely picked up from work I got cracking on dinner which was yummy mayflower curry packed with mushrooms, onions and courgette and served this with sw chips.

I followed this up with more fruit and a chocolate mousse taking my syn total to 10.5 today

At the time of writing this I still have the munchies and I have decided to have some more food but instead of reaching for bread or chocolate I have popped some quorn sausages and mushrooms in the oven nice and syn free and adding some superfree in there too...I best get some halo polish soon if I can keep this up all week :D

No picture of my final noms as they are still cooking night night all xoxo

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