Saturday, 22 June 2013

Today will be known as 'Fit' day

To coin a phrase from my lovely friend and fellow geek Donna there has been some things today that can only be described as Fit. It is a word that can be used to describe good food...or good men. 

The man in the picture is Henry Cavill and as you can see he is Superman. This morning me and Rich went to see Man of Steel for the second time and it was even better this time. I was a huge Superman fan as a kid but he did get replaced recently by Batman as the films haven't been fab recently though the last one wasn't awful it's just Batman has been far superior. Batman is now back to being second in my eyes ;)

When we got back from the cinema I had to urge to watch more films containing this man so settled down to Immortals which was good and gory in places. I also enjoyed a can of Monster at the same time 

Apart from my movie watching antics today I haven't done much else, when we got back from the cinema me and Doug went out for a quick stroll

but he was a pretty tired boy  so we weren't out for as long as we have been and when we got back he assumed this position.

Food wise I have had my third day fully on the bus without any unscheduled stops and I've had some yummy meals today starting with magic waffles and fruit for breakfast

Lunch was leftovers from the baked bean lasagne mix with extra mushrooms and healthy extra of cheese on top. I served this with orzo which I am addicted to at the moment.

For dinner I took advantage of my desire to spend time prepping a meal and with the assistance of my lovely other half we had sw style kfc I had mine with quorn fillets sliced up

The mix for the kfc is 1tbsp of garlic granules, 1tbsp of mixed herbs and then 1/2 tsp of garlic, paprika and onion granules. I added this to my healthy extra bread which I had toasted then whizzed into breadcrumbs. I had soaked my quorn fillets in a mix of veg stock and an egg, Rich had chicken so his was done in an egg and chicken bovril paste. We also did some mushrooms which were coated in the same mix. I made a dip from quark, garlic granules and 2tbsp of light mayonaise. The beans were on the side as ran out of space on my plate.

I finished my day up with a mix of 8 syns for a chocolate mousse and mikado and some fruit as I am trying to have superfree with my syns at the moment.

Tomorrow is Sunday and usually the night is my danger zone as I used to dread heading into work but the good thing is I don't have that issue this week so hopefully I won't decide to sabotage myself. 

Night night all xoxo

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