Monday, 10 June 2013

The tale of the Pet rock

There are certain friends you have in life that you can talk to about all sorts of weird and random things and today me and Mitchy had a conversation about Escabar the pet rock. This stemmed from me watching E3 the xbox/microsoft conference and me seeing a game called Project Spark where you can give a rock a brain and so I had to tell Mitchy about this and she decided she wanted a pet rock who would be called Escobar and had a bow 

Meet Escobar the pet rock.isn't he adorable!

I had a chat with the doctor this morning and unfortunately I have been signed off for a week and I am still waiting for the xray results. I hope to know in the next few days. I had a lazy day until Rich came home from work first watching Marley & Me: The Puppy years which was adorable...well it had talking pugs in it how could it fail! I followed this up with Bambi....why oh why did I torture myself.

When Rich got home from work we settled down to watch the E3 conference and I also did some light reading

Once the conference was done Rich kindly hung my new picture in the kitchen, I was really excited when it came today.

Food wise....

Breakfast was yummy magic waffles that this time resembled waffles. I had a banana, peach doughnut and some mixed berries. 

Lunch was a bit of a random mix of chips and salad however the chips were made from both carrots and sweet potatoes as a change and to increase my superfree and leftover quorn roast.

Dinner was a bit of a quick lazy affair that turned out to be epic and was declared by Rich as perfect in the sauce department.

I cooked off some onions and garlic then added some parsley and passata along with some tomato puree and a touch of sweetener. I added some shrooms and courgettes and just let it cook. I also chopped up a quorn sausage and mixed it in with pasta. Once it was all cooked I added 2 hex of cheese.

I was actually pretty full after this so when I fancied something sweet  went for a banana and activia intensely creamy caramel yogurt

Another good day getting closer to weigh in and I hope I get a loss on wednesday

Night night all xoxo

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