Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lazy overload

Again today has been a day where I have done very little except watch recorded TV on the sky + which wasn't a bad thing when I had back to back episodes of Once upon a time. I do love that show and now I am working through back to back episodes of Being Human USA which is essentially the same plot of the British version but I won't complain.

Apart from that and a run to the shops for some more fruit we haven't done much today. Rich has been enjoying his new game and Doug has been sleeping or sitting.

Infact I think the most activity I have had today except when I made my meals is texting Mitchy. My hands are still a pile of rubbish so looks like a call to the doctors is in order tomorrow morning and hopefully my x-ray results will be back.

Food wise I have had a bit of a hungry day today so have been filling up on yummy superfree. As normal one of my healthy extras was used for 350ml of skimmed milk in my coffee. I started the day with this

An aldi sub roll (80g so heb plus 2 syns) with low low cheese mushrooms and low fat quorn sausages. 

Lunch contained a massive amount of superfree

Obviously a big salad and then two large mushrooms topped with cous cous quorn ham and feta. Very simple and I followed this up with raspberries a banana and yogurt.

It's a Sunday therefore a roast was in order

Another mound of veg as you can see plus 2 syns for the yorkshire pudding (tesco value ones) and 1 syn for the bisto best gravy. It was absolutely gorgeous especially the quorn roast and I have enough left for lunch tomorrow.

Despite this I still had the munchies....and those who have read Mitchy's blog may think we are truly the same person though I didn't partake in any baked beans today.

Banana with a banana toffee activia yogurt (2.5) and a graze box (3.5) along with two doughnut peaches which were a let down as they did not taste sweet at all. With the munchies still there I also grabbed some grapes

So thats Sunday done and dusted and I'll be heading to bed soonish so I'm awake early for the doctors. 

Night night all xoxo

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