Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Slinky goth girl rerun

Looking at the date of my last blog I have seriously slacked haven't I! I have not blogged since the 10th June. My last weigh in last week saw a 2lb loss however it has all gone down hill again. I won't bore you all with food pictures as well its not been good its been kinda mixed good and bad.

Now you will all know from my previous blogs that I have not been a happy bunny and in addition I have been suffering badly with my hands which has had me worried. I have been in a bit of a downward spiral and I have really not been myself. The happy person had been replaced by a massive grumpuss and I was not liking it but could not get myself out of it.

Monday I was still off work as I had woken with a dead arm, it has now transpired that when I was a kid I sustained a break that was not treated and healed wrong. It's nice to know there is a reason for the weird hand and its not due to the surgery so now I have a treatment plan. 

During the afternoon I got a call from my now former employers advising they were terminating my employment. The reasons provided were utter rubbish but you know what I think this is a good thing. Yes it sucks to not have a current job but I will not be unemployed for long trust me I am determined and I am now out of a miserable horrible environment so I can concentrate on me and I already feel like my old self again.

I have been to weigh in tonight and faced the scales I am back in the 17's with a huge gain of 6.5lbs but thats it now I need to refocus so tomorrow morning it is a fresh start. Everything is planned out, going to get back to walking Doug again and get back to blogging every day. I have missed my blog.

So this is me....wish me luck


  1. I hope your arm gets better, and I think you're probably right about losing your job- it may be an opportunity to do something you love.

  2. Mixed good and bad is so much better than all bad! When I go off on one I rarely have any good at all so you should be pleased with yourself for that.

    I hope your arm gets better soon- I'm so pleased for you that it's nothing sinister! And good luck with the job hunting. As for your now former employers, their loss I think x