Saturday, 8 June 2013

Friday fun

So I got back quite late last night (after deciding to do my weekly shop on the way home) so didn't get a change to blog so here is my Friday. 

I had a fun day plan and it was just what the doctor ordered. I had arranged to go shopping with my friend Jen (though she may not want me to go with her again after I tried to force her to buy shoes!). I decided to start the day with a decent breakfast.

An aldi sub roll with low fat quorn sausages, mushrooms and some low low cheese slices. Definitely one of my favourite breakfasts.

Shopping with Jen was lots of fun, we are slightly goofy and decided to pretend to be princesses

and I treated myself to some new clothes which is always good. We made a sensible choice for lunch as I was determined to stay on plan.

Me and Jen parted ways at four as I had an appointment at MAC to have a mini express makeover and I'm really pleased with the results

All prettified for a night out with my lovely friends. 

Now its always a challenge when you go out to a restaurant to pick the best things to have whilst staying on plan. When faced with the menu I decided to have a flexi meal and enjoy the restaurant as it was a special occasion.

Unfortunately I had the same issue as Mitchy and a dessert jumped onto the table but it was a gorgeous Pecan Pie.

Fun evening with the girls with lots of giggles including some over my friend Lou's starter...she didn't quite expect this when she ordered a rosemary bread starter

So thats Friday done and dusted, I will be back later to fill you in on my Saturday


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