Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Returning to losing ways

Sometimes Wednesday's don't come around quick enough in my opinion especially when you have been on the purple bus and stuck to the plan. Luckily today was weigh in day and I am pleased to announce I lost 3lbs which I am happy with. I have not only stuck to the plan this week I have also upped my exercise substantially (how happy Doug is with this you would have to ask him...right now he is snoring).

Today has not been a bad day...not big adventures for me and the boy think he is still tired from yesterday but I did get the good news confirming I am starting working again Monday. It is a temporary position so I do not know how long it will last but it will be good to be back to working and in a routine. I will still be job hunting manically as I have been doing but I also plan to go on more adventures with Doug tomorrow. 

Food wise I have been on plan today and even though I had a very naughty dinner I had ensured this was within my syns. It is my lovely man's birthday today and he chose the dinner. 


This is overnight oats which is something I had seen on instagram so decided to give it a go. You layer fruit yogurt and oats and leave it overnight. It was really really tasty and the oats were nice and soft.

At lunch I wasn't overly hungry 

I had 6 ryvita wholegrain crackers (heb) and 5 laughing cow triangles (hea). In the pot is beetroot and carrot salad. 

Dinner.....this was bad food. Rich wanted chip shop chips so I obliged and in addition I had some white bread. The downside to this dinner was that it was very greasy and my stomach isn't entirely happy with it and wants me to go and eat lettuce now to make it feel better. Unfortunately no picture as Doug was on a I am going to steal mum's dinner mission so had to keep telling him off and I forgot to get my shot in.

Join me again tomorrow for more yummy noms and I am looking forward to the week ahead. I have a busy weekend but I will be on plan and have already thought ahead to sunday and what I can have if I require food.

Finally a bit of a shout out here to my lovely Mitchy who you can normally find at The Slimmingworld files big squishes hunny xx 

Night night and unicorn sparkles and love and luck for the week ahead

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