Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Return of the slinkygothgirl

Oh dear I have been missing again I have noticed I have not blogged since last Thursday, it was my intention to blog over the weekend but unfortunately life and bad hands got in the way. After work Friday we went to Ikea as we had...we I had decided it was about time I stopped using a deckchair as a bedside table and we picked up a few bits. Unfortunately it was also the start of my left hand in particular being very painful. Long time readers of the blog will remember I had an operation on it last November. At the moment I don't know the cause of it hurting again and I am waiting the results of the x-ray I had on Monday. It has meant I have not been in work this week as typing was a big problem with only one working hand. It's not improving but I am mastering the art of typing with one hand as I have missed blogging.

I do have some pictures of the fruits of our labours

I also had this little beauty turn up in the post this week
Mitchy my SW Unicorn isn't he the cutest!

And on that note this is my new theme song

I need to focus on getting back to being the happy me and this song really cheered me up so thankyou Jen <3 loves you forever xx

I have been to weigh in tonight and I have put on 4.5lbs I am not happy with myself so I make this pledge that I will stop this stupidity and the gaining and get back on track. I will try and ensure I blog every night even if I have to make Rich type it ;)

See you again tomorrow guys when I will be showing my awesome food pictures again


  1. That unicorn is precious! Just out of curiosity, why are you tracking weight lost/gained, instead of inches/cm or bodyfat lost/gained? Are you using a particular program that tracks weight?

  2. I follow slimming world which tracks weight losses