Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nobody sane has broccoli days

The title of my blog today is brought to you courtesy of an exert of Fall of Night by Rachel Caine which is part of one of my favourite book series. This made me chuckle a lot and think about slimming world. How often do we crave the bad stuff instead of the good we ever go I really fancy a piece of broccoli? I do sometimes when I've had a bad few days really just fancy the freshness of salad or vegetables or fruit...maybe I am a little mad ;)

Today hasn't been the fabbist of days mood wise but instead of being all moapy I am going to focus on the good things like this

My new tshirt that I couldn't resist buying because its so cute! In addition I need to share with your some funny Doug pictures

He desperately wanted what was in our hands!

Food wise well the Mitchy superglue worked really well, breakfast was good old dorset fruit

Lunch was a bit of a mixed bag of stuff I brought into work (cous cous quiche) and goodies from the shop

Dinner was cooked for me tonight by my lovely Rich

It was really tasty especially as I didn't have to cook it!

I whiled away the evening planning stuff we are going to get from Ikea tomorrow and chatting to Mitchy on email. I had some snacks whilst writing the blog and chatting as I'm multi task proficient

The whole lot was 10 syns and so yummy, I was talking to Mitchy and I am going to try superfree with syns this week.

And on that note I have another date with Dean Winchester so I will be heading of to bed in a bit night night all xoxo

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